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What does Vus stand for?

Vus stands for unloaded shortening velocity


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We have previously shown that unloaded shortening velocity (V0) of human plantar flexors can be determined in vivo, by applying the ‘‘slack test’ ’ to submaximal voluntary contractions (J Physiol 567:1047–1056, 2005). In the present study, to investigate the effect of motor unit recruitment pattern on V0 of human muscle, we modified the slack test and applied this method to both voluntary and electrically elicited contractions of dorsiflexors.
Unloaded shortening velocity, a mechanical parameter associated with the rate of cross-bridge cycling, was investigated in chemically skinned guinea pig taenia coli and hog carotid artery. Shortening velocity was measured by the technique described by Edman, whereby large length steps are rapidly imposed on the muscle and the time under unloaded conditions is determined from the isometric myograms.
The unloaded shortening velocity of skinned rabbit psoas muscle fibres is sensitive to [Ca2+]. To determine whether Ca2+ affects the unloaded shortening velocity via regulation of crossbridge kinetics or crossbridge number, the shortening velocity was measured following changes in either [Ca2+] or the number of active thin filament regulatory units. The native troponin C (TnC) was extracted and replaced with either cardiac TnC (cTnC) or a mixture of cTnC and an inactive mutant cardiac TnC (CBMII TnC).