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What does T-STAR stand for?

T-STAR stands for testis-signal transduction and activation of RNA


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T-STAR (testis-signal transduction and activation of RNA) is an RNA binding protein, containing an SH3-binding domain and thus potentially playing a role in integration of cell signaling and RNA metabolism. The specific function of T-STAR is unknown and its implication in cancer is poorly characterized. Expression of T-STAR has been reported in human testis, muscle and brain tissues, and is associated with a growth-inhibitory role in immortalized fibroblasts.
Abbreviations: BOB-1, B cell Oct-binding protein 1; OBF1, Oct binding factor 1; PML, promyelocytic leukemia protein; CtIP, C-terminal binding protein (CtBP)-interacting protein; TIEG-1, TGFß-inducible early gene-1; FIH, factor-inhibiting HIF; AF4, acute lymphoblastic leukemia 1-fused gene from chromosome 4; Peg, paternally expressed gene; Kid, kinesin-like DNA binding protein; T-STAR, testis-signal transduction and activation.