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What does SS stand for?

SS stands for starch synthase


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Barley sex6 mutants lack starch synthase IIa activity and contain a starch with novel properties. Morell MK1, Kosar-Hashemi B, Cmiel M, Samuel MS, Chandler P, Rahman S, Buleon A, Batey IL, Li Z.
It is well suited for use in pastes, adhesives, and lubricants. The food industry also takes advantage of its properties. Usually, amylose and amylopectin must be separated or modified by chemical, physical, or enyzmatic means. For several years, researches have been working on potatoes genetically modified to contain exclusively amylopectin starch. Scientists discovered a gene (GBSS, granular binding starch synthase.
GBSS, granule bound starch synthase.
By contrast, starch synthesis occurs within chloroplasts. The ?rst step is a condensation of glucose-1-phosphate with ATP. Starch synthase then transfers glucose residues from this molecule to the non-reducing end of a pre-existing molecule of starch. Starch consists of two types of glucose polymer, namely amylose and amylopectin. Amylose is a long, unbranched chain of D-glucose units connected via (a1–4) linkages.