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What does R2 stand for?

R2 stands for small subunit


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A ribosome can be dissociated into a large subunit (50S) and a small subunit (30S) (Figure 29. 15). These subunits can be further split into their constituent proteins and RNAs. The 30S subunit contains 21 different proteins (referred to as S1 through S21) and a 16S RNA molecule. The 50S subunit contains 34 different proteins (L1 through L34) and two RNA molecules, a 23S and a 5S species. A ribosome contains one copy of each RNA molecule, two copies of the L7 and L12 proteins, and one copy of each of the other proteins.
Welcome to the European ribosomal RNA database. This database compiles all complete or nearly complete SSU (small subunit) and LSU (large subunit) ribosomal RNA sequences. Sequences are provided in aligned format. The alignment takes into account the secondary structure information derived by comparative sequence analysis of thousands of sequences. Additional information such as literature references, taxonomy, secondary structure modles and nucleotide variability maps, is also available.
The small subunit (SSU) 18S rRNA gene is one of the most frequently used genes in phylogenetic studies and an important marker for random target polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in environmental biodiversity screening. [1] In general, rRNA gene sequences are easy to access due to highly conserved flanking regions allowing for the use of universal primers. [1] Their repetitive arrangement within the genome provides excessive amounts of template DNA for PCR, even in the smallest organisms.