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What does ssIR stand for?

ssIR stands for slice-selective inversion recovery


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Noninvasive, real-time mapping of V1 activation during visual stimulation. Images are obliquely aligned along the calcarine fissure with the occipital pole at the bottom. Images were acquired at 3. 5-second intervals using a slice-selective inversion-recovery sequence. A baseline image acquired during darkness (upper left) was subtracted from subsequent images. Eight of these subtraction images are displayed and were chosen when the image intensities reached a steady-state level, during darkness (OFF), and during 8-Hz photic stimulation (ON).
Each image data acquisition is preceded by a non-slice-selective inversion recovery preparation pulse to provide T1-weighting. As well as producing strong T1 contrast, the inversion recovery (IR) technique has the additional benefit that is it is possible to suppress the signal from tissue of a particular T1. Careful choice of the time delay after inversion, TI, allows the optimisation of contrast between tissues with different contrast agent concentrations including selective suppression of one of these tissues.