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What does T4I stand for?

T4I stands for serum-thyroxine iodine


This definition appears rarely

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In five cases a second lithium effect was required for a satisfactory fit of the model solution with observed data: namely, an inhibition of hormone disappearance from serum. NEITHER INHIBITION OF RELEASE NOR OF HORMONE DISAPPEARANCE SEEMED TO BE AFFECTED BY METHIMAZOLE (RELEASE: 52% decrease without methimazole, 60% with methimazole; hormone disappearance: approximately 60% decrease in both). When Li(+) was discontinued, recovery of the iodine release rate and hormone disappearance rate over the observed time span was variable, ranging from no recovery to rates that exceeded pre-Li(+) values. When Li(+) is used alone its effect on serum hormone levels is diminished due to continued accumulation of iodide by the thyroid. Thus, serum thyroxine-iodine.