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What does RAG- stand for?

RAG- stands for recombinase-activating gene-knockout


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2005), two members of the AP-1 family, JunB and Jun (c-Jun), were knocked out in the epidermis of postnatal mice (Tg(Krt1-5-cre/ERT)1Ipc with Junbtm3Wag or Juntm4Wag, or both, Table S2). Single knockout mice had no observable changes, but Junb Jun double knockouts developed psoriasis-like features associated with severe arthritis. Lesional skin showed infiltration of neutrophils and lymphocytes with upregulation of several cytokines and chemokines typical for psoriasis. However, IL-12 and IL-18 were absent, and IFN- was only slightly upregulated and in a delayed manner. The same knockouts were established on immunodeficient mouse backgrounds, including TNF receptor 1 knockout and recombinase activating gene-2 (Rag2) knockout.