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What does RAG stand for?

RAG stands for rat accessory glands


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The outer surface of the prepuce is skin and the inner surface is mucosal membrane. The preputial sac contains desquamated squamous epithelial cells similar to other mucosal cavities such as the oral cavity or vagina. This white, creamy material may collect under the prepuce of the penis and is called smegma. The prepuce fits snugly around the penis and protects it from friction, debris, bacteria, and injury. Accessory Glands.
Accessory glands - The secretions of all the accessory glands form the seminal fluid that carries the sperm during ejaculation, activates the sperm, provides some nutrients for them, and contains substances that help to neutralize the acidity of the vagina. The products of the coagulating gland probably contribute to the vaginal plug, which is formed in the female rat after copulation. There are several accessory glands, we will only concern ourselves with "seminal vesicles" and the "prostate gland".
Mating generally occurs within 24 hours of introducing a male and an 'in estrus' female mouse, though the female is most receptive during the first few hours. There may be frequent, short copulations before adequate intromission and ejaculation occur. Mice copulate by having the male mount the female from behind while she is in a normal standing position. The secretions of the accessory sex glands.
Human beings are omnivorous and therefore, they have a simple and a basic digestive tract with accessory glands which help its function. The human digestive system starts at the mouth which breaks down the food that one eats, which also consists of the tongue, teeth and the salivary glands which help break down the food in to molecules. The three main parts of the digestive system which helps in the absorption, and elimination other than the digestion of food can be listed down as the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine which also consists of the large intestine and the anus.