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What does P145 stand for?

P145 stands for protein of Mr 145,000


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Gardner Smith is a merchandising, trading and logistics operation specializing in tallow, vegetable oils, liquid feeds and protein.
[106] In 1992 the USDA replaced this with the food guide pyramid and in 2011 with MyPlate, which is consistent with a vegan diet. MyPlate is divided into five groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy (or calcium-fortified soymilk), and protein. The protein includes meat, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts and seeds. [n 10] In the UK the National Health Service recommends the Eatwell Plate, also with five groups and consistent with a vegan diet: fruit and vegetables; potatoes, bread and other starchy foods; dairy or non-dairy alternatives; meat, fish, eggs or beans for protein; and fat and sugar.
The row flared after the board's decision not to publish findings against Mr Hennessy and Mr Kiely, whose dogs tested positive for performance-enhancing protein.
A local in Fujian province bought some from a street vendor and found the yolks were very bouncy after the eggs were cooked. One wholesaler was raided, reports said, but the manager denied selling fakes. He said the eggs came from Liaoning province. The realistic-looking fakes contain no protein. Instead, chemicals such as alum, sodium alginate, gelatin, calcium chloride and sodium benzoate are found in them.
The fact that two MYH variants (Y165C and G382D) comprise 86% of the mutations in white European patients, while all patients identified of Indian descent (n=4) have the E466X variant, implies that founder mutations may confer susceptibility in various ethnic populations (Marra and Jiricny, 2003; Sampson et al. , 2003; Sieber et al. , 2003). Data so far suggest that the heterozygous state alone may not increase risk, although larger well-controlled population-based series are needed. Interestingly, an initial study of unselected sporadic colorectal tumours did not find somatic MYH mutation or absence of mRNA and protein.