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What does P4SR stand for?

P4SR stands for predicted 4-hour Sweat Rate


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The Predicted Four Hour Sweat Rate (P4SR) index was established in London by McArdle et al. (1947) and evaluated in Singapore in 7 years of work summarized by Macpherson (1960). It is the amount of sweat secreted by fit, acclimatized young men exposed to the environment for 4 hours while loading guns with ammunition during a naval engagement. The single number (index value) which summarizes the effects of the six basic parameters is an amount of sweat from the specific population, but it should be used as an index value and not as an indication of an amount of sweat in an individual group of interest.
g. Predicted four-hour Sweat Rate (P4SR) - This is determined from empirical nomograms incorporating environmental factors, work rate, and clothing, as shown in Figure 5. 8. 2-2. It is recommended that the P4SR not be used for predicting sweat rate, but, rather, be used for comparing environments in terms of thermal stress. The limitations of this nomogram are chiefly those of a narrow range of activity, limited clothing parameters, and the fact that the subjects used to generate the data were all acclimatized to the heat environment.