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What does PSD stand for?

PSD stands for post-synaptic densities


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endritic spines are small "door knob" shaped extensions from the surfaces of the dendritic processes of neurons, that contain post synaptic densities.
These studies demonstrated the inclusion of pre- and post-synaptic membranes and synaptic vesicles in the SPM fraction; after detergent treatment primarily the electron-dense, post-synaptic densities were visible. In the procedure, a hypotonic shock is used to pinch off the synaptic processes from the cell body10. This step takes advantage of the fact that mitochondria are more resistant to osmotic shock and remain intact, and so they sediment at the bottom of the sucrose gradient (Figure 1).
elegans, and, therefore, proximity determines synaptic partners. Immunochemical staining has recently confirmed that post-synaptic receptors are clustered on the post-synaptic processes, very close to the presynaptic release zone, and improved fixation methods show the presence of small post-synaptic densities (NeuroFIG 21) (Gally et al. , 2004; Jin, 2005; J. -L. Bessereau and R. Weimer, pers.
The mossy fibres are the axons of DG granule cells. They extend from the dendate gyrus to CA3 pyramidal cells, forming their major input. MF synapses on CA neurons are large aggregations of termini, with multiple transmitter release sites and post-synaptic densities. Multiple granule cells can synapse onto a single CA3 pyramidal cell. This pathway is studied extensively as a model for the functional roles of kainate receptors in synaptic plasticity.