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What does PSD stand for?

PSD stands for paradoxical sleep deprivation


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Van Hulzen ZJ, Coenen AM; Coenen (December 1980). "The pendulum technique for paradoxical sleep deprivation in rats". Physiol. Behav. 25 (6): 807–11. doi:10. 1016/0031-9384(80)90298-X.
The researchers tested three degrees of sleep deprivation, namely total sleep deprivation (TSD); paradoxical sleep deprivation (PSD, in which the disk turned only when the sleep deprived animal drifted into REM sleep); and high EEG amplitude non-REM (HS2D) sleep deprivation. Though none of their protocols was able to eliminate its target form of sleep completely, no sleep-deprived animal could survive any of the three forms of sleep deprivation for long.
Alvarenga, T. A. ; Patti, C. L. ; Andersen, M. L. ; Silva, R. H. ; Calzavara, M. B. ; Lopez, G. B. ; Frussa-Filho, R. ; Tufik, S. (2008). "Paradoxical sleep deprivation impairs acquisition, consolidation, and retrieval of a discriminative avoidance task in rats". Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 90: 624–632. doi:10. 1016/j. nlm. 2008.