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What does PAB stand for?

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PABParents Association Board
PABParents Advisory Board
PABPractice Advisory Board
PABParking Advisory Board
PABParking Appeals Board
PABPolicy Advisory Body
PABPhysicians Advisory Board
PABPKR Panama Balboa
PABPlanning Accreditation Board
PABparallel arm bracket
PABPublishing Advisory Board
PABPharmacy Advisory Board
PABProvider Advisory Board
PABPark Avenue Bank
PABPesticide Advisory Board
PABParent Advisory Board
PABParish Advisory Board
PABPension Appeals Board
PABPersonal Address Books
PABPan Asian Boxing
PABPrivate Activity Bonds
PABPrivate Automatic Branch
PABPersoonlijk Assistentie Budget
PABPulmonary Artery Banding
PABPrice Adjustment Board
PABParalegal Advisory Board
PABPersonnel Appeals Board
PABProfessional Advisory Board
PABParticipant Advisory Board
PABPractical Action Bangladesh
PABProject Approval Board
PABPolice Advisory Board
PABPublic Accountability Board
PABProject Advisory Board
PABProtected Area Boundary
PABPlay Across Boston
PABProgramme Assessment Board
PABPublic Affairs Bureau
PABPublic Authorities Board
PABPetroleum Advisory Board
PABPrison Advisory Board
PABPollution Adjudication Board
PABProvincial Advisory Board
PABpublic arts board
PABPublic Access Board
PABPremium Appliance Brands
PABProvincial Assistant Bishop
PABPolicy Advisory Boards
PABPhysics Astronomy Building
PABPhilippe A Bopp
PABPain Advisory Board
PABPublic Affairs Band
PABPortuguese Air Base
PABPerforming Arts Burlington
PABPreventieve Ambulante Begeleiding
PABPakistan Association of the Blind
PABPortfolio Advisory Board
PABProgram Address Bus
PABPrinting Across Borders
PABP. aeruginosa bacteremia
PABpara-aortic body
PABparachutist ankle brace
PABpartial androgen blockage
PABpassive avoidance behavior
PABpassive avoidance behavioral
PABpathological aortic bioprostheses
PABpharmacologic autonomic blockade
PABphosphate-accumulating bacteria
PABplatinum, adriamycine, bleomycine
PABplus autoclaved bacteria
PABpolyphosphate-accumulating bacteria
PABpolyreactive Ag-bindingB
PABpotentiometric alternating biosensor
PABprecipitation after boiling
PABPreoperative autogenous blood
PABProbably Almost Bayes
PABprogestogen-associated bleeding
PABpropionic acid bacteria
PABprotein aggregate body
PABprotein antigen b
PABprovoked augmented breath
PABpulmonary arterial banding
PABpulmonary arterial blood
PABpulmonary artery banded
PABpulmonary artery bifurcation
PABpulmonary artery-banded
PABpyridine acetate buffer
PABPalustrine Aquatic Bed
PABPark Advisory Board
PABPrice Adjustment Base
PABProbation Advisory Board
PABPromotions Appeal Board
PABPanhellenic Association of the Blind
PABPreventief Ambulant Begeleider
PABPoligrafici Artigiani Bergamaschi
PABPharmacy Affairs Branch
PABProduct Advisory Board
PABPan-European-Advisory Board
PABpharmacological autonomic nervous blockade
PABpolyreactive Ag-binding B
PABPreoperative Autologous Blood Donation
PABpreoperatively donated autologous blood
PABprotein-associated DNA breaks
PABpulmonary artery banding procedure
PABpulmonary artery catheter balloon
PABPorto Alegre Brazil
PABPhysics Astrophysics Building
PABPurple Agar Base
PABProStor All Board
PABPartial Additive Bag
PABPatent Appeal Board
PABPost Apply Bake
PABPhilippine Amanah Bank
PabPleural , abdominal
PABpoly(A) binding protein
PABPoly(A)-binding protein
PABPennsylvania Association for the Blind
PABPremature Atrial Beats
PABProgram Assessment Branch
PABPriority Access Bed
PABProgramme Advisory Board
PABPharmaceutical Affairs Bureau
PABPerusahaan Air Bersih
PABPermaculture Association Britain
PABPetroleum Administrative Bureau
PabPleural and abdominal
PABPublications Activities Board
PABProvincial Admissions Boards
PABPhysiology And Biophysics
PABPublications of the Astrophysics Branch
PABPerwira Affin Bank
PABPartneriaeth Addysg Busnes
PABPanji Asmara Bangun
PABPhysics and Biology
PABProgram Advisory Board
PABPalestinian Association of Businessmen
PABPark Advisory Boards
PABPhileo Allied Berhad
PABperformance assessment battery
PABPort Aransas Boatmen
PABPorth Arloesi Bangor
PABProfessional Accreditation Body
PABPEGI Advisory Board
PABPerforming Arts Bldg
PABPhotographic Association of Bengal
PABPenerimaan Anggota Biasa
PABPassenger Air Bags
PABpacific air boats
PABPipestone Artificial Breeders
PABProject Admin Bldg
PABPacific Ave Bowl
PABPatient Advisory Board
PABphysically aggressive behavior
PABProduto Agrícola Bruto
PABProvincial Administration Boards
PABPolicy Advisory Bureau
PABPersonal Account Band
PABPolice Advisory Boards
PABProgram Analysis Branch
PABPublic Audit Business
PABPeduli Anak Bangsa
PABPolish Army Brothers
PABPost Arbitration Bargaining
PABPerforming Arts Boosters
PABPeriodical Article Bibliography
PABPharmaceutical Affairs Branch
PABPrimary Auxiliary Building
PABProfessional Alliance Board
PABProfessional Auditor Bulletins
PABPublic Administration Business
PABParental Advisory Band
PABParticle Associated Bacteria
PABPharmacologic Autonomic Block
PABPolymer Alloys and Blends
PABPrint Across Borders
PABProgram Activities Board
PABPrimary Application Block
PABPhysics Astronomy Bldg
PABPlanning and Architecture Branch
PABPublications Advisory Board
PABPrinciples of Advanced Budo
PABProject Administration Building
PABPaulo Alfonso Brazil
PABperformance assessment batteries
PABPhotosynthetic Aquatic Biomass
PABPowder And Bulk
PABProgram in Animal Behavior
PABPaper Alley Bookstore
PABPara Ankle Brace
PABPatient Administration Branch
PABPayroll Accounting Branch
PABPermit Area Boundaries
PABPictures and Artwork of Birds
PABPlace Aristide Briand
PABPlant Auxiliaries Building
PABPriming And Boosting

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Note: Acronym Finder has 60 verified definitions for PAB

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