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What does OAF stand for?

OAF stands for outside air fraction


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CIM Properties 1333 Broadway, Oakland, CA by variable frequency drives (VFDs) to; 15% outside air fraction and therefore cannot utilize air-side economizers.
Department of Biology, Fisk University; variations in the chemical concentrations of the substance in the outside air, fraction of air exchanged...
Design Master HVAC 7.0 Released March; The typical solution is to increase the supply air to the room, which will lower the outside air fraction.
Mechanical Compliance Certificate 90.1; 17.Exhaust air heat recovery included for systems 5,000 cfm or greater with more than 70% outside air fraction or...
flow entering the secondaryLoop in a similar way we calculate % outside air at the AHU with the familiar formula: % Outside Air Fraction = (MAT-RAT)/...
The VAV system was modeled to match (1) the outside air fraction supplied by the air-and-water system, and (2) the indoor conditions during occupancy hours.
the OAE needs the following data inputs: maximum possible outside air fraction; minimum acceptable outside air ventilation rate; type of air handling unit...
Range hoods DIY. Designing a Good Ventilation System ; If the system is properly commissioned, the furnace will supply a 7% outside air fraction during...
Designs that Work: Cold Climate; Outside air fraction is designed to keep mixed air temperature at furnace heat exchanger above 50°F, usually not more
savings a t 50% Outside Air fraction is not necessarily; Table 2: Predicted Annual Energy Savings from Application of an ERV to Various Buildings.
Sisters sue airline over alleged toxic fumes on; Since Southwest Airlines; Bleed air is the outside air fraction of cabin supply air that...
HVAC/Controls Worksheet. Please complete this worksheet for retrofit of heating, ventilation; To qualify for this strategy, the minimum outside air fraction
This typically changes the critical zone and reduces the overall outside-air fraction at the central-system level, substantially affecting AHU components.
Field Testing of Component-Level Model-Based Fault Detection Methods; variation of the outside air fraction with the control signal to the damper actuator.
critical zone sets the outside air fraction at the system, the other zones are getting greater outside air than required.
with a small outside air fraction. Note: Reheat or other humidity control method may still be required. Consult with your facility
Determine the Outside Air Fraction No Mixed Air Temperature Mixed Air Temp Outdoor Air Temp Return Air Temp...
Dehumidification Equipment Properties and Selection. INTRODUCTION; Outside air fraction greater than 20%; Constant uncontrolled outside air flow;
When the outside air fraction is set to 1 this is interpreted as a minimum ventilation; Whenever I try to model a VAV system with 100% OA in eQuest...
Simplified Air nge Effectiveness Modeling Brian A. Rock; problem, the mixing coefficient and outside air fraction are varied while the volume fraction is held
Western Cooling Challenge. Motivation About the Challenge Participants & Results; and the system operates with a minimum outside air fraction of approximately 45%.
7% outside air fraction, minimum 33% duty cycle - filtration at air handler unit - no complaints or concerns after over 6 months Additional moisture control system
Public Interest Energy Research Program LBNL No. 50678 (HPCBS No. E5P2.3T3d); of the outside air fraction with the control signal to the damper actuator. 0 0
outside air fraction at different operating points or by comparing the deviations of the measured outside air fractions to those predicted by a reference model.
Outside Air Fraction. This is described by the ratio of the volumetric flow rate of outside air brought in by the air handler to the total supply airflow rate.
The Energy Saving Potential of Membrane-Based Enthalpy Recovery in Vav Systems for Commercial Office Buildings. Authors; which can modulate the outside air fraction
Designers oversized the outside air fraction to ensure proper indoor air quality providing patients and staff with high quality supply air.
quot;Bleed air is the outside air fraction of the cabin supply air that is first compressed in the aircraft engines or auxiliary power unit and which can...
Chilled water temperature delta-T is relatively constant under optimal control of fan, pump and compressor; a typical minimum outside air fraction
Outside Air Fraction (calculated virtual point) Cooling: Steam Absorption Chillers Heating: District Steam; HW FCUs Air side: Interior, Perimeter and Lobby CHW AHUs
Minimum outside air fraction not set to design specifications or occupancy. Not Relevant b.3 (7) OTHER_Economizer/OA Loads Investigation looked for, but did not find
6.7.7 Humidity Controls and Devices; Typically either the minimum outside air fraction or all of the air passes through the desiccant system. Units: Ratio...