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What does O/E stand for?

O/E stands for oligomer to enzyme


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Conversion of glucan in Avicel to glucose with change in time for adding hemicellulase before (or after) cellulase addition for enzymatic hydrolysis at 50°C and pH 4. 8 at an enzyme loading of 5 filter paper units (FPU))/g glucan and 10 cellobiase units (CBU)/g glucan with 2% Avicel glucan. Multifect xylanase and ß-xylosidase were supplemented at a loading of 30 mg protein/g equivalent xylose (xylanase: ß-xylosidase 2:1). control refers to Avicel (without xylo-oligomers) with an enzyme.
First, there are two altered enzymes, not just one. Both these enzymes are needed to metabolize the 6-aminohexanoic-acid-cyclic-dimer (6-AHA CD) found in the waste water of the nylon factory. Neither of these enzymes alone is effective. Both are needed. The first enzyme, which I shall call enzyme 1, is 6-aminohexanoic-acid-cyclic-dimer hydrolase (6-AHA CDH) and catalyzes the conversion of 6-AHA CD to 6-aminohexanoic-acid-oligomer (6-AHA LO). The second enzyme.