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What does N/C stand for?

N/C stands for nucleus-to-cytoplasm


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The information for making a specific protein is encoded in a single; The RNA strand is able to travel outside of the nucleus into the cytoplasm with the amino...
MRNA Formation. The flow of information carried from the genes in the nucleus to the cytoplasm by mRNA determines the protein composition and the cell functions.
Problem 12: Information transfer to the cytoplasm Which of the following molecules functions to transfer information from the nucleus to the cytoplasm?
Hormone Receptors In and On Cells Steroid and thyroid hormone receptors are found in the nucleus, cytoplasm; homologous to a fish membrane progestin receptor.
Nucleus and Cytoplasm. Proteins in the plasma membrane and their functions. Structure of the plasma membrane
Nucleus-to-cytoplasm ratio, also nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio, is the relative size of the nucleus to the cytoplasm. It is commonly abbreviated NC ratio.
The cytoplasm refers to the entire area of the cell outside of the nucleus. The cytoplasm has two parts, the organelles and the cytosol, a grayish gel-like liquid...
Information on the DNA is transcribed into RNA, and this RNA is processed and exported from the nucleus into the cytoplasm, where it is translated by ribosomes.
Title: Control of DNA Replication by the Nucleus to Cytoplasm Ratio: Author: Murphy, Christopher: Citation: Murphy, Christopher. 2012. Control of DNA Replication by...
to nucleoplasm by a gradual exchange of material between the nucleus and cytoplasm, for all of the constituents of the cytoplasm could not
The nuclear envelope separates the contents of the nucleus from the cytoplasm and provides the structural framework of the nucleus. The nuclear membranes, acting as...
n Bidirectional traffic between the nucleus and the cytoplasm n Exportins - proteins that transport macromolecules like RNA form nucleus to the cytoplasm