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What does S1 stand for?

S1 stands for myosin head


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Myosin Heads Walk along Actin Filaments. Studies of muscle contraction provided the first evidence that myosin heads slide or walk along actin filaments.
LC2 can be phosphorylated and is also referred to as regulatory light chain. Each myosin head contains 1 essential and 1 regulatory light chain. Fig. M3.
Myosin heads refer to a specific muscular structure that is a crucial part of the muscle contraction matrix. Walking, grabbing a glass of water, scratching...
Myosin heads, detached from myosin tails by protease treatment and fixed to a glass surface, promote gliding of actin filaments labeled with fluorescent rhodamine...
2: The bond between the actin and myosin head is broken when; A) an ATP molecule binds to the myosin head. B) an ATP molecule binds to the actin molecule.
The myosin head changes shape mid-reaction, when the energy released by hydrolysis of ATP is absorbed by the myosin head.
The myosin head then rebinds at a new position on the actin filament; Actin, Myosin, and Cell Movement - The Cell. Your browsing activity is empty.