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What does MCH stand for?

MCH stands for multiple-cat households


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A. This product is good for multiple cat households because Multi-Cat is screened to a particular particle size that reduces the amount of tracking that may result when multiple cats go in and out of litter pans. Also the sizing produces smaller harder clumps (compared to most of the National Brands) which means you can use less product and save more money. This product is the number one selling Special Kitty litter because most households (50% nationally) have more than one cat.
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda eliminates odors on contact! Our deodorizer features a moisture activated scent that refreshes the litter every time your cat uses the litter box. Plus, our patented technology helps prevent urine clumps from sticking to the litter box making for an easier clean-up. For use with any litter (clay, scoopable, natural, scented or unscented) to add extra odor protection to the litter box. Ideal for multiple cat households.
Cat Trees Drinkwell Pet Fountains The number of happy and successful multiple cat households is huge, but they are not without their challenges. Living in groups, cats normally develop a pecking order and often revert instinctively to latent, wild behaviors.
It is not known why the virus mutates from the harmless FECV (it can cause a mild intestinal upset) to the pathogenic FIP. Risk factors for this disease are multiple cat households, the presence of normal cats that shed coronavirus, age, immune status, and the development of FIP susceptible cats (including certain breeds and bloodlines) in the general cat population. The continual infection and reinfection of cats with coronavirus in multiple cat households increases the chance of an individual cat developing FIP.
Why should you have to pay more $? The simplest most cost effect solution is simply the plastic storage bins which come in all sorts of sizes & heights. It so simple I didn’t think of it until I saw one of my pet sitting clients do it for their cats http://www. shannonspetsitting. net/ They also work well as mentioned for multiple cat households. When you have a lot of cats cost is a concern.
Fresh Step Multiple Cat Unscented Cat Litter is strong enough for multiple cat households, but doesn't have any perfumes or dyes. With this litter you'll have a litter box so fresh, it's like not having one at all.