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What does MIP+ stand for?

MIP+ stands for mood-incongruent psychotic features


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With mood-incongruent psychotic features; With; and methyprylon (Noludar); Quinazolinone - Methaqualone (Quaalude); Imidazopyridine - Zolpidem...
Mood-incongruent psychotic features: Delusions or hallucinations whose content is not consistent with the typical themes of a depressed or manic mood.
Objective: Mood-incongruent psychotic features in bipolar disorder may signify a more severe form of the illness and might represent phenotypic manifestations of...
1. Am J Psychiatry. 2007 Feb;164(2):236-47. Mood-incongruent psychotic features in bipolar disorder: familial aggregation and suggestive linkage to 2p11-q14 and 13q21-33.