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What does M-I stand for?

M-I stands for methionine-to-isoleucine


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One of the rats was processed as previously described [3] and viral RNA sourced directly from lung tissue was subjected to additional characterisation of the virus through standard Sanger sequencing on a 3130xl sequencer (Life Technologies). Sequencing of the S segment was achieved, confirming the virus was indeed a strain of SEOV similar, but not identical, to previously isolated UK SEOV strains: Humber (wild rats) [3] and IR461 (laboratory rats) [4]. We have provisionally designated this strain ‘Cherwell’. Alignments of sequences from the virus strains were conducted using ClustalW and the molecular evolutionary genetics analysis (MEGA5) programme suite [5] was used to perform phylogenetic analysis. Comparisons between Cherwell and Humber S segments highlighted a total of 47 nucleotide differences, 36 within the open reading frame (ORF) resulting in one amino acid difference (methionine to isoleucine.