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What does L-NGFR stand for?

L-NGFR stands for low-affinity nerve growth factor receptor


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The Low-Affinity Nerve Growth Factor Receptor (nerve growth factor receptor (TNFR superfamily, member 16), also called the LNGFR or p75 neurotrophin receptor) is one of the two receptor types for the neurotrophins, a family of protein growth factors that stimulate neuronal cells to survive and differentiate. LNGFR is a member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNF receptor)superfamily - indeed, LNGFR was the first member of this large family of receptors to be characterized.
The other NGF receptor, the LNGFR, (for Low affinity nerve growth factor receptor.
cDNA clones were isolated from an expression library using the MRC OX40 mAb and the protein sequence for the OX40 antigen deduced. It contains a typical signal sequence and a single putative transmembrane sequence of 25 predominantly hydrophobic amino acids giving an extracellular domain of 191 amino acids and a cytoplasmic domain of 36 amino acids. The sequence of the extracellular domain includes a cysteine-rich region with sequence similarities with the low affinity nerve growth factor receptor.