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What does LA stand for?

LA stands for liver adenomatosis


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Women taking oral contraceptives are most frequently affected. Liver adenomas, also known as hepatocellular adenomas, arise from the abnormal growth of liver cells, or hepatocytes. In rare cases, multiple liver adenomas develop in association with an inherited abnormality known as familial liver adenomatosis, notes the Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology. Among women taking oral contraceptives, discontinuation of the drugs generally leads to resolution of the tumor.
Liver adenomas (also known as hepatocellular adenomas) arise from the abnormal growth of hepatocytes (liver cells). This can occur as a result of a rare genetic disorder called familial liver adenomatosis. It can also emerge from other causes. One major risk factor is the use of oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy by women. In fact, ninety percent of liver adenomas occur in women, and most of those women use oral contraceptives.
Hepatocellular adenoma: what is new in 2008. Hepatol Int 2008; 2: 316-21. PubMed Citation (Several gene mutations have been associated with hepatic adenomas some of which have distinct clinical phenotypes; [1] the hepatocyte nuclear factor [HNF] 1a, found in 35% of adenomas, usually with steatosis and little inflammation; [2] ß catenin gene mutations in 10% associated with cytological abnormalities, without steatosis and with a higher rate of malignant transformation; [3] inflammatory adenomas associated with increases in C-reactive protein consisting of 40-50% of cases; [4] others, ~10% of cases; germline HNF1a mutations are associated with multiple liver adenomatosis.