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What does FA/PG stand for?

FA/PG stands for fatty acids in propylene glycol


This definition appears very rarely

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The precise temperature conditions will be dependent on the details of the equipment used. Reagents:N,N - bis(trimethylsilyl)fluoroacetamide (BSTFA)Trimethylchlorosilane (TMCS)Pyridine, analytical grade, kept over KOHn-Heptadecane, analytical grade, 99% minimum Reference materials: Propylene glycol, propylene glycol monostearate. Internal standard solution: Accurately weigh approximately 100 mg internal standard, n-heptadecane into a 100-ml volumetric flask, dilute with pyridine to the mark. Reference solution: Accurately weigh approximately 100 mg propylene glycol monostearate into a 25-ml volumetric flask adding internal standard solution to the mark. When pure reference material of other components such as propylene glycol and di-fatty acid esters of propylene glycol.
Propylene Glycol Laurate caused only slight skin irritation. Data on the fatty acids and propylene glycol were negative for mutagenicity, chronic toxicity, and skin irritation and sensitizaiton. Data were found suggesting that Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate and Propylene Glycol Dipelargonate may enhance the skin penetration of other chemicals. Because these ingredients may enhance the penetration of other ingredients, the CIR Expert Panel recommended caution when formulating with the propylene glycol mono- and diesters and other ingredients for which limits have been set based on low dermal absorption.
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