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What does DVC stand for?

DVC stands for dorsal vagal comples


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The unmyelinated part of the vagal nerve (the dorsal vagal complex or DVC) influences organs below the diaphragm. The myelinated and more rapid portion of the vagal nerve (the ventral vagal complex or VVC) mediates parasympathetic activity above the diaphragm, including motor movement of many aspects of communication, such as facial gesture and sound (Porges, 2001). The DVC has been introduced as the primary agent associated with the immobility / freeze state, and this response is generally activated only in the face of extreme threat (Schore, 1994).
Stimulation of different portions of the PAG elicits active and immobile defense responses in rats and cats (Bandler et al. , 2000). Lateral and dorsolateral areas of the PAG are associated with the sympathetic branch of the ANS and with active defenses in rats (Jansen et al. , 1995). Thus, the ventrolateral PAG is associated with immobility and the unmyelinated dorsal vagal comple.
The dorsal vagal complex (DVC) provides primary control of subdiaphragmatic visceral organs, such as the digestive tract. Under normal conditions, the DVC maintains regulation of these digestive processes. However, prolonged disinhibition can be lethal for mammals, as it results in apnea and bradycardia.