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What does d,b stand for?

d,b stands for determinants, BALB/c


This definition appears rarely

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TCD8+ recognizing mapped determinants are a significant proportion of the response to VACV. Next, we determined the fraction of the total TCD8+ response to VACV that is attributable to clones responding to the three determinants. BALB/c mice were infected with VACV, and responses to peptides and VACV-infected P815 cells were measured by ICS (Fig. 2A). Added together, cells recognizing the three determinants account for around 20% of TCD8+ in spleen.
Approximately 70% of TCD8?makingIFN-? in response to each determinant also made TNF; thesecells were those that made the largest amounts of IFN-?. Theproportion of IFN-??cells that also make TNF in responses toVACV-infected P815 cells was similar (not shown). In allcases, the TNF?population of peptide-specific TCD8?wasentirely contained within the IFN-??population, as has beenshown previously with mice by use of VACV (using infectedcells as stimulators) and other viruses, such as lymphocyticchoriomeningitis and influenza A viruses (10, 15, 23). TCD8?recognizing mapped determinants are a significantproportion of the response to VACV. Next, we determined thefraction of the total TCD8?response to VACV that is attrib-utable to clones responding to the three determinants. BALB.
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes recognize determinants on the BALB.
@MISC{Potter70commonindividual, author = {Michael Potter and A~d Rose Lieberman}, title = {Common individual antigenic determinants in five of eight BALB.