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What does DVF stand for?

DVF stands for decrease of visual field


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Functional Visual Loss (FVL) is a decrease in visual acuity and/or visual field not caused by any organic lesion. It is therefore also called non-organic visual loss. FVL cannot be explained by organic pathology after a complete neuro-ophthalmic examination. The decrease in visual acuity may involve one or both eyes and may vary from mild blurriness to complete blindness. The visual field defects may affect one or both eyes.
If you don’t qualify for disability benefits under the SSA’s requirements for poor visual acuity, decrease in visual fields (peripheral vision), or a combination of the two, as the next part of the disability determination process, the SSA is required to consider the effect of your peripheral vision loss (and any other symptoms) on your capacity to do daily activities and your regular work. If you can’t do your regular job, the SSA will then determine whether there is any kind of work you could do.
Dyschromatopsia and afferent pupil defects were prevalent. Ophthalmoscopic features included uveitis, mild optic nerve swelling, granularity of macular pigment, subretinal white dots, and peripapillary pigment disturbances. Twelve of the 13 patients who underwent fluorescein angiography had optic disc staining and 5 had retinal pigment epithelial lesions with late staining. Full-field electroretinogram results were normal in 8 of 9 patients, although focal electroretinogram results were abnormal in 8 of 9 patients. Photopsia always decreased but visual fields.