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What does CA3 stand for?

CA3 stands for cortex, and hippocampus


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The hippocampus is divided into four "CA" zones, of which CA1 and CA3 are the largest. Although the hippocampus is a continuation of the cerebral cortex, it contains three layers rather than six: molecular layer, granular layer and polymorphic layer. "Hippocampus" is Greek for "seahorse", and the "nose" of the seahorse is a structure called the fimbria, which is the beginning of the fornix. The fornix is a bundle of fibers connecting the hippocampus with the septal nuclei and with the mammillary bodies of the hypothalamus. In the 1930s a neurologist named Papez proposed a "circuit" of emotion that included the thalamus, mammillary bodies, cingulate cortex and hippocampus.
Hence, lack of Kv1. 1 can cause a significant enlargement of ventral cortex and hippocampus, while one Kv1. 1 allele was enough for normal brain region size. The variability in brain size was larger among the Kv1. 1 null mice than among the mceph/mceph mice (6 of 13 Kv1. 1 compared to 1 of 12 mceph/mceph mice had brain sizes within the wild type range). A likely explanation for this is the presence of 6% C3HeB/FeJ genomic background in the Kv1.