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What does Vb stand for?

Vb stands for cardiac output


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Introduction to cardiac output. Cardiac output, - is the total volume of blood pumped by the ventricle per minute, or simply the product of heart rate (HR) and...
Cardiac Output. Cardiac output is the volume of blood pumped by the heart per minute (mL blood/min). Cardiac output is a function of heart rate and stroke volume.
An explanation of the overall mechanical function of the cardiovascular system, the heart as a pump, and the determinants of cardiac output. Free eBook and PDF.
Cardiac output (CO, also denoted by the symbols and ), is a term used in cardiac physiology that describes the volume of blood being pumped by the heart, in...
The cardiac output is simply the amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute. Necessarily, the cardiac output is the product of the heart rate, which is the number...
Cardiac Output When the heart contracts Cardiac Vocabulary Contractility: Contractility is the intrinsic ability of cardiac muscle to develop force for a given muscle...