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What does E 24 stand for?

E 24 stands for beta-estradiol for 24 h


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Keywords: b-Estradiol, supplier, Endogenous, ER, agonists, Estrogen, Receptors, GPR30, beta-Estradiol.
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Sex differences in exercise metabolism and the role of 17-beta estradiol. Tarnopolsky MA Med. Sci Sports Exerc.
We suggest transdermal 17-beta estradiol for most women because of the potential advantages outlined above. In addition, they contain 17-beta estradiol, the main estrogen the ovary secretes prior to menopause. However, the baseline risk of both VTE and stroke is very low in otherwise healthy, young postmenopausal women. Therefore, if a patient prefers an oral preparation over a transdermal one (cost or personal preference), we consider oral estrogen to be safe.
Collins, P; Rosano, GM; Sarrel, PM; Ulrich, L; Adamopoulos, S; Beale, CM; McNeill, JG; Poole-Wilson, PA (1995). «17 beta-Estradiol attenuates acetylcholine-induced coronary arterial constriction in women but not men with coronary heart disease. ». Circulation 92 (1): 24–30. PMID 7788912.
ZEA is usualy non-lethal to animals but is important to livestock producers because its hyperestrogenic effects adversely influence the reproductive performance of animals. There have been suggestions of possible involvement of ZEA in the progression of breast malignancies and tumors of the female reproductive tract in humans. The toxic or stimulatory effects of ZEA and its metabolites alpha-zearalenol and 17-beta-estradiol.