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What does B/A stand for?

B/A stands for balloon-to-artery


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Thereafter, single stenting was accepted as an option for the treatment of bifurcation lesions. However, the drawback of this method was a major limitation for lesions at the distal left main involving both the ostial left anterior descending and the left circumflex arteries. In fact, the strategy of PCI for bifurcation lesions is characterized by contradictory views, with very little intention-to-treat usage of 2 stents versus the more dominant strategy of 2-stent implantation. 4,13 In clinical practice, the decision to implant 2 stents from the beginning of the procedure depends on various factors such as the size and extent of myocardium supplied by the side branch. Potential reasons for primary or secondary failure when stenting the side branch are: a gap between the 2 stents; plaque shifting from the main branch when stenting over the ostium of the side branch; plaque shifting from the main branch when stenting in the proximal side branch through the first strut; crushing of the proximal segment of the side branch stent without, or even after, kissing balloon inflation which may result in malapposition and inefficiency of the DES; and significant injury to the side branch ostium caused by an excessive balloon-to-artery.
12, using the nominal burr size and the maximum reference diameter of the side branch by QCA. Adjunctive PTCA was performed in all 39 lesions, with a mean maximum balloon pressure of 9. 15 ± 3. 05 atm (range 4 to 16 atm). The mean maximum balloon-to-artery ratio was 1. 26 ± 0. 18, using the nominal balloon size and the maximum reference diameter of the branch by QCA. Revascularization of the parent vessel, which required positioning the guidewire in the distal parent vessel, occurred in two-thirds of cases; this was usually due to a lesion in the parent limb just distal to the side branch origin.