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What does PAS stand for?

PAS stands for bHLH-Per, Arnt, Sim


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Ah Receptor as a therapeutic target in cancer: Ah receptor (AhR) is a ligand activated transcription factor belonging to the basic-helix-loop-helix (bHLH)-Per-Arnt-Sim (PAS) protein family. The bHLH/PAS family proteins are heterodimeric transcription factors that sense and respond to external or physiological signals such as hypoxia and circadian rhythms.
For example, the human GRalpha is acetylated at lysines located at amino acid positions 494 and 495 of the hinge region in response to glucocorticoids, and acetylation of these amino acids reduces the transrepressive action of the receptor to NF-kappaB-induced transcriptional activity [58]. Interestingly, HDAC2 deacetylates these lysine residues and restores the repressive effect of glucocorticoids on the NF-kappaB signaling pathway [58]. We recently found that the circadian rhythm transcription factor Clock acetylates the human GRalpha at a multiple lysine cluster located in its hinge region, and represses GR-induced transcriptional activity of several glucocorticoid-responsive genes [19]. Clock, the “circadian locomotor output cycle kaput”, and its heterodimer partner “brain-muscle-arnt-like protein 1” (Bmal1) belong to the basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH)-PER-ARNT.
3a and Supplementary Figs 6a, b and 7). Pathway analyses showed that the 25 genes that were most strongly induced by Kyn treatment in U87 cells at 8 h and at 24 h were all directly or indirectly regulated by the AHR (Fig. 3a and Supplementary Fig. 6b). The AHR is a transcription factor of the basic helix–loop–helix (bHLH) Per–Arnt.