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What does ACS stand for?

ACS stands for automatic cab signal


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RULE 281b. NAME: APPROACH LIMITED INDICATION Proceed approaching the next signal at Limited Speed. RULE 281e. NAME: LIMITED CLEAR INDICATION Proceed at Limited Speed until entire train clears interlocking limits or turnouts, then proceed at Normal Speed. In CSS tenritory with fixed automatic block signals.
The similarity, however, ends there. Green does not just mean "go", but certifies that the next signal, the one after the green one, doesn't say "stop". Yellow is even more different in meaning: While a yellow street traffic signal means "slow down, because this signal is in the process of changing to red" (which many motorists, of course, interpret as "speed up so as to pass it before it does"), a yellow subway signal means "slow down, (most often) because the next signal already is red , and you must slow down and proceed with caution before reaching it. " While street traffic signals usually go from green to yellow to red, subway signals usually go from red to yellow to green. Approach and Automatic Signals.
Union Pacific Automatic Cab Signaling: The Union Pacific has implemented the PRR type technology on much of its main line between Chicago and Wyoming, as well as several other lines on its system in recent years. As with the CB&Q cab signals, the system works under the same principles as the PRR system, but uses different rules with partly route-based wayside signals and a 60 Hz carrier, which makes it somewhat incompatible with the 100 Hz systems.