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What does NAA stand for?

NAA stands for alpha-naphthalene acetic acid


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Isolated shoots were rooted in half strength MS basal medium. Ramulu et al. (2003) have reported the regeneration of plants from root segments derived from aseptic seedlings. In their experiment auxins or cytokinin individually failed to initiate shoot buds from root segments. Formation of shoots from the proximal end of root segments was observed on the medium with cytokinins and alpha-naphthalene-acetic acid.
5% Novaluron 100gr/l Indoxacarb 150gr/l Chlorpyrifos Chlorpyrifos Ethyl Imidacloprid Dimethoate Ethoprophos Cypermethrin Protein 10% Fipronil Nereistoxin 18% Fenitrothion 200gr/l, Trichlorfon 200gr/l Dinotefuran 200gr/kg Fenpyroximate 5% Quinalphos 200gr/l, Cypermethrin 30gr/l Methomyl 40% Imidacloprid 10% Profenofos 400gr/L, Cypermethrin 40gr/L Trichlorfon 90% Diazinon 60% Diazinon 10% Dichlorvis (DDVP) 500g/l Acetamiprid 20% Pyridaben 150g/l Alpha Cypermethrin 10% Deltamethrin Etofenprox Phenthoate 45%, Fenobucarb 30% Carbosulfan Lambda-Cyhalothrin Petroleum Spray Oil Dicofol Cypermethrin, Chlorpyriphos Ethyl Chlorfluazuron Profenofos Methidathion Cypermethrin 40 g/l, Profenofos 400 g/l Lufenuron Diazinon Quinalphos 20% + Cypermethrin 5% Buprofezin 400gr/kg, Chlorpyrifos 300gr/kg, Imidacloprid 40gr/kg Isoprocarb 25% Fenobucarb Buprofezin Acetamiprid Thiamethoxam Lambda-Cyhalothrin 106 g/l, Thiamethoxam 141 g/l Propamocarb. HCL 722gr/l Mancozeb 64%, Cymoxanil 8% Carbendazim 500gr/l Tricyclazole 350gr/kg, Isoprothiolane 200gr/kg, Carbendazim 200gr/kg Bordeaux khô 450gr/kg, Zineb 200gr/kg, Benomyl 100gr/kg Propiconazole 250gr/l, Cyproconazole 80gr/l Flusilazole 400gr/l Difenoconazole 150gr/l, Propiconazole 150gr/l Cymonaxil 80gr/kg, Mancozeb 640gr/kg Zineb 80% Hexaconazole 10gr/l, Carbendazim 490gr/l Kasugamycin 2%, copper oxychloride 45% Validamycin 5% Validamycin A Metalaxyl 8%, mancozeb 64% Benomyl 25%, Copperoxychloride 25% Hexaconazole 50gr/l Pencycuron 250gr/l Kasugamycin 0. 6%, Basic cupric chloride 16% Fosetyl aluminium 80% Metalaxyl 25% Iprobenfos 50% Imibenconazole 5% Cymoxanil 8%, Mancozeb 64% Copper hydroxide Sulfur 800gr Tribasic Copper Sulfate 345gr/L Isoprothiolane 40% Tricyclazole 40%, Isoprothiolane 25% Ningnamycin 8% Tribasic Copper Sulfate 78,52%, Streptomycine 2,194%, Oxytetrcyline 0,235% Ð?ng Oxyclorua 39%, Mancozeb 30% Bordeux khô 60%, Zineb 25% Cymonaxyl 15%, Chlorothalonil 60% Ð?ng 85% Iprodione 100g/kg, Carbendazim 400g/kg Acid phosphonic 400g/l Kasugamycin 2% Mancozeb Metalaxyl, Mancozeb Thiophanate-methyl Triadimefon Fthalide 20% + Kasugamycin 1,2% Chlorothalonil Propineb Metiram complex Copper Sunfat + Streptomicin + Oxytetracyline Ð?ng Sunfat 25% Propiconazole, Isoprothiolane Benomyl Propiconazole, Difenoconazole, Tebuconazole Difenoconazole Fthalide Propiconazole 125 g/l, Tricyclazole 400 g/l Cyproconazole Azoxystrobin 200 g/l, Difenoconazole 125 g/l Propiconazole 150 g/l, Difenoconazole 150 g/l Azoxystrobin Pretilachlor 300gr/l, Fenclorim 100gr/l Cyhalofop-butyl 50gr/l, Penoxsulam 10gr/l Pretichlor 300gr/l, ch?t an toàn Fenclorin 100gr/l Pretilachlor 300gr/L Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 10% Ethoxysulfuron 150gr/kg Oxadiazon 250gr/l Paraquat dichloride 276gr/l Dimethyl Amine 500g/l 2. 4D Dimethyl Acetochlor 500g/l Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl, Ethoxysulfuron Quizalofop-P-Ethyl Fenoxaprop-P-Ethyl Frenoxaprop-P-Ethyl, Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid, MCPA 2,4 D-Dimethyl amin 2,4 Diclorophenoxyacetic Acid 2,4D Dimethyl Amine Atrazine 80% Ametryn Quinclorac, Pyrazosulfuron - Ethyl Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, Bispyribac-sodium Glyphosate isopropylamine salt 480gr/l Paraquation 200g/l Nitro thom 1. 8gr/l Alpha-Naphthalene Acetic Acid.
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