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What does AS stand for?

AS stands for aggregation substance


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To avoid difficulties in eliminating the bacteria once they become established in this type of biofilm, it would be ideal to block initial bacterial adherence or initial biofilm development in the nascent vegetation. For Enterococcus faecalis, aggregation substance (Asc10) is one of several known adhesins that could be targeted for treatment against infectious endocarditis. Asc10 is a 137-kDa surface protein expressed from the prgB gene on the pCF10 conjugative plasmid; its expression in donor cells is triggered during conjugation by a recipient-produced pheromone.
A major class of mobilizable DNA in enterococci is the pheromone-inducible plasmid family. Upon exposure to a 7- to 8-amino-acid peptide pheromone secreted by the plasmid-free recipient cell, plasmid-containing donor cells induce expression of conjugation machinery leading to DNA transfer (24). Approximately 20 pheromone plasmids have been identified (40), and they have been found to be more prevalent in clinical enterococcal strains (4). The increased prevalence of pheromone plasmids in clinical strains is likely due to the various antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factors encoded on the plasmids (40). One such factor, a surface protein known as aggregation substance.
Aggregation Substance proteins encoded by sex pheromone plasmids increase virulence of Enterococcus faecalis in experimental pathogenesis models, including infectious endocarditis. These large surface proteins may contain multiple functional domains involved in various interactions with other bacterial cells and with the mammalian host. Aggregation Substance Asc10, encoded by the plasmid pCF10, is induced during growth in the mammalian bloodstream, and pCF10 carriage gives E.