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What does ZEC stand for?

ZEC stands for Zone EchoMail Coordinator


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4e, rfc 7554) TSE : Terminal Server Edition (Windows NT) TSF : Trusted Security Filter / TOE Security Functions TSIG : Transaction Signature (RFC 1035) / Trusted Systems Interoperability Group TSK : Transmission Security Key / (temporary) Secret Key TSL : Teinte, Saturation, Luminosité (HSB) TSM : Transaction/Session Management (rfc 2903) / Text Services Manager / (IBM) Tivoli Storage Manager / Telecoms Single Market TSN : Tuple Sequence Number TSO : Technical service organization / Time Sharing Option (IBM) TSOS : Time Sharing Operating System (Siemens) TSP : Time Synchronization Protocol / Tunnel Setup Protocol TSR : Terminate and Stay Resident TSS : Telecommunications Standardization Sector TST : Taiwan Standard Time TTC : Telecommunication Technology Committee (Japan) TTD : Temporary Text Delay TTF : True Type Fonts / Time to Fix TTFF : Time To First Fix TTG : Time to Go TTI : Time Transmission Interval TTL : Transistor-Transistor Logic / Time To Live / Through The Lens TTLS : Tunneled Transport Layer Security TTP : Tester Per Pin / Trusted Third Party TTRT : Target Token Rotation Time TTS : Transaction Tracking System / Text to Speech TUBA : TCP/IP Using Bigger Address TURN : Traversal Using Relays around NAT (rfc 5928, 6062) TVD : Total Virus Defense (McAfee) TVOL : TV On-Line TWA : Time Weighted Average TWG : Technical Working Group TWR : Two-way ranging TWT : Travelling Wave Tube TXT : Trinh Xuan Thuang / Trusted Execution Technology (Retour au début) UAAG : User Agent Accessibility Guidelines UAC : User Account Control / User Agent Client UAF : Universal Authentication Framework protocol / User Authorization File UAM : User Authentication Method UAP : User Agent Profile / User Account Protection UART : Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter UAS : User Agent Server UAWG : Universal ADSL Working Group UBA : UmweltBundesAmt UBE : Unsolicited Bulk Email UBM : Unified Bandwidth Management UBR : Unspecified Bit Rate UCA : Under Colour Addition / Unicode Collation Algorithm UCB : University of California at Berkeley, USA UCD : Unicode Character Database UCE : Unsolicited Commercial Email UCP : User Contact Person UCR : Under Colour Removal UCS : Unicode Conversion Support / Universal Character Set / Unified computing system (Cisco) UDA : Universal Data Access UDB : (Italtel) Universal Data Base UDDI : Universal Description, Discovery and Integration UDF : Universal Disk Format UDID : Unique Device Identifier UDIF : Universal Disk Image Format / U Drop I Follow UDLD : Unidirectional Link Detection (Cisco) UDLR : Unidirectional Link Routing UDMA : Ultra Direct Memory Access UDMH : Unlimited Dynamic Memory Hack / Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine UDO : Ultra Density Optical UDP : Ugly Dirty Pig / User Datagram Protocol (rfc 768) / USENET Death Penalty / Unicast Discovery Protocol UDR : User Destination Routing UDRP : Uniform (Domain Name) Dispute Resolution Policy (ICANN) UDS : Universal Database System UEA : UMTS Encryption Algorithm UEFI : Unified Extensible Firmware Interface UERE : User equivalent range errors (GPS) UFED : Universal Forensic Extraction Device UFS : UNIX File System / Universal Flash Storage UFSD : Universal File System Driver (Paragon) UGC : User-generated content UGLI : Using Gargantuanware to Layout Internet (documents) (IETF draft) UHD : Ultra High Definition (reprography/television) / USRP Hardware Driver UHS : Ultra High Site / Universal Hint System UHV : Ultra High Vacuum UIA : UMTS Integrity Algorithm UIC : User Identification Code UICC : Universal Integrated Circuit Card UIDL : Unique IDentification Listing UIL : User Interface Language UIM : User Interface Manager UIN : Universal internet number UIPI : User Interface Privilege Isolation UIQ : User Interface Quartz UIT : Union Internationale des Télécommunications (ITU) ULA : Unique Local Address (RFC 4193) ULB : Underwater locator beacon ULE : Ultra Lightweight Encapsulation ULL : Unbundling Local Loop ULP : Upper Layer Protocol ULS : User Location Service (IAF) / Unweighted least squares ULV : Ultra Low Voltage UMB : Upper Memory Blocks UMD : Universal Media Disk (Sony) / User Mode Driver UME : Universal Messaging Engine UML : Unified Modeling Language / User Mode Linux UMPA : Usenet Macintosh Programming Awards UMPC : Ultra mobile PC UMS : Unified Messaging Service / USB mass storage UMTP : UDP Multicast Tunneling Protocol UMTS : Universal Mobile Telecommunications System UNC : Universal Naming Convention UNEP : United Nations Environment Programme UNI : User Network Interface (ATM) / Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione UNII : Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure UNIX : UNiversal Interactive eXecutive UOF : Uniform Office Format UPA : Uplink Packet Access / Uralic Phonetic Alphabet UPBB : UPdate Bus Board UPC : Universal Product Code / Usage Parameter Control (ATM) UPIC : Unité Polyagogique Informatique du CEMAMu / Universal Payment Identification Code UPnP : Universal Plug and Play (rfc 2616) UPS : Uninterruptible Power Supply / UV Photoelectron Spectroscopy / Universal Polar Stereographic / United Parcel Service / Unix Print Services UPT : Universal Personal Telecommunication URAA : Uruguay Round Agreements Act URC : Uniform Resource Characteristic URI : Uniform Resource Identifier (rfc 2396, 3986) URL : Uniform Resource Locator URN : Uniform Resource Name USaN : University Satellite Network USAP : Ubizen Security Alliance Program USB : Universal Serial Bus / Upper Side-Band / Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek (Köln) USCD : United States Commerce Department USCG : United States Coast Guard USE : User Security Enhancement (SWIFT) USGS : United States Geological Service USIC : United States Internet Council USIM : Universal Subscriber Identity Module USK : Updateable Subspace Key USM : User-based Security Model (rfc 2274) / Universal Subscription Mechanism / Unified security management USN : Update Sequence Number (Microsoft) USNO : United States Naval Observatory USP : United States Pharmacopeia USRP : Universal Software Radio Peripheral USSD : Unstructured supplementary service data USSM : UICC Security Service Module UTC : Universal Time Co-ordinated UTF : Unicode Transformation Format UTM : Universal Transaction Monitor / Unified Threat Management / Universal Transverse Mercator / Urchin Traffic Monitor UTP : Unshielded Twisted Pair UTRA : UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access (UTRAN: -Network) UTS : Unicode Technical Standard UUCP : Unix-to-Unix-Copy UUI : User-to-User Information (ISDN - rfc 6567,7434) UUID : Universally Unique Identifier UUS : User-to-User Signalling (ISDN) UUT : Unit Under Test UWB : Ultra Wide Band UWEM : Unified Web Evaluation Methodology VAC : Valve Anti-Cheat (system) / Visual Approach Chart VACM : View-based Access Control Model (rfc 2265, for SNMP) VAM : Versatile Access Modem (Alcatel) VAN : Value Added Network VAP : Videotex Access Point / Value Added Partner VAR : Value Added Reseller VARP : VINES Address Resolution Protocol VAS : Virtual address space / Value-added service VAT : Value Added Tax VAX : Virtual Address eXtended (Digital Eq. Corp. ) VBA : Visual Basic for Applications VBD : Voiceband Data VBI : Vertical Blanking Interval VBL : Vertical Blanking VBM : Volume BitMap VBR : Variable Bit Rate VBS : Visual Basic Script / Voice Broadcast Service VBX : Visual Basic Extension VCB : Volume Control Block VCC : Virtual Channel Connection / Virtual Circuit Channel (ATM) VCCV : Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification (rfc 5885) VCD : Video Compact Disk / Virtual character display / Vendor Code Drop VCE : Video Codec Engine / Virtual Computing Environment Company VCI : Virtual Channel Identifier (ATM) VCM : Virtual Circuit Manager / Visualisation des Cibles Mobiles VCO : Voltage Controled Oscillator VCR : Video Cassette Recorder / Video Coding Recorder / Voice Cockpit Recorder VCS : Voice communication system / Voice Changer Software / Version control system VDC : Video Display Controller / Virtual Device Context VDD : Voice-Data Discrimination VDE : Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker VDI : Virtual Desktop Infrastructure/Interface / Virtual Device Interface VDL : VHF Data Link / Vienna Definition Language VDO : Vanishing Data Object VDR : Voltage Dependanr Resistor / VHF data radio VDS : Virus Detection System (Win95) / Visual DialogScript (Microsoft) / Virtual Dedicated Server / Video Distribution System / Volume Descriptor Sequence VDSL : Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line VDU : Video Display Unit VEC : Video Enhanced Contrast VEE : Visual Engineering Environment VESA : Video Electronics Standards Association VET : Virtual Enterprise Traversal (rfc 5558) VFAT : Virtual File Allocation Table VFB : Vertical Format Buffer VFC : V Fast Class =V34 VFD : Vacuum Fluorescent Display VFO : Variable Frequency Oscillator VFP : Visual Fox Pro VFR : Visual Flight Rules VFS : Virtual File System VFW : Video for Windows (Microsoft) VGA : Video Graphics Array VGCS : Voice Group Call Service VGDA : Volume Group Descriptor Area / Variable Gain Digital Amp VGM : Virtual Graphics Machine VGS : Virtual Game Station VGSA : Volume Group Status Area VHDL : Very high speed integrated circuit Hardware Description Language VHE : Virtual Home Environment (umts) VHF : Very High Frequency (30-250Mhz) / Viral hemorrhagic fever VHS : Video Home System VIA : Versatile Interface Adapter / Virtual Image Agent VICP : VINES Internet Control Protocol VICS : Vehicle Information and Communication System VIDA : Visitor Interaction Data Architecture VII : Vehicle-infrastructure integration VIM : Vi IMproved (text editor) / Video Intensified Microscopy / Velocity Interface Mezzanine (VMEbus) VINES : Virtual Integrated Network Service (Banyan Systems) VIO : Virtual Input/Output VIP : Visual Interactive Programming / Visualising Interactive Processing / Versatile Internet Platform / VINES Internet Protocol / Video Input Processor / Virtual Internet Protocol (IETF) VIP : Virtual IP address VIPC : VINES Interprocess Communication Protocol VIPO : Valid Inside Permitted Operations VIR : Visual Information Retrieval VIS : Visa Information System VITA : VME International Trade Association VLA : Very Large Array (telescope) / Virtual Learning Agent VLAN : Virtual LAN VLB : VESA Local Bus VLBI : Very Long Baseline Interferometry VLC : VideoLAN Client / Variable Length Coding / Visible Light Communications VLDB : Volume Location Database / Very Large DataBase VLM : Virtual Loadable Module VLR : Visitor Location Register VLS : Virtual Library System VLSI : Very Large Scale Integration VLT : Very Large Telescope VMAP : Vector Map / Video Multiple Ad Playlist / VMware Academic Program VMC : Visual Meteorologic Conditions VMCI : Virtual Machine Communication Interface VME : Versa Module Eurocard / Virtual Machine Environment / Virtual Matrix Encryption VMF : Virtual MainFrame VMFS : Virtual Machine File System VMG : Video Map Generator / Voice message / Velocity made good (mar. nav. ) VMGI : Video Manager Information VML : Vector Markup Language VMM : Virtual Memory Manager / Virtual Machine Monitor VMP : Viewpoint Media Player VMS : Virtual Memory System / Voicemail System VMSC : Visited Mobile Switching Center VNA : Virtual Network Architecture / Vector Network Analyser VNC : Virtual Network Computing VNS : Virtual Network Switching (rfc 2340) VOB : Video Object VOC : Visual Object Class / Volatile Organic Compound VOD : Video-on-Demand VOIP : Voice Over IP VON : Voice over the Net VOR : Vhf Omnidirectional Range VPC : Virtual Path Channel / Virtual PC (Connectixª) / Virtual Private Cloud VPD : Vital Product Data VPDN : Virtual Private Data Network VPE : Vapor Phase Epitaxy VPF : Vector Product Format VPI : Virtual Path Identifier (ATM) / Virtual Port ID VPIM : Voice Profile for Internet Mail VPLS : Virtual Private LAN Service VPN : Virtual Private Network VPS : Virus Protection Software / Virtual Private Server VPT : Virtual Printer Technology VPWS : Virtual Private Wire Service VQL : Voice Query Language VRAM : Video RAM VRC : Vertical Redundancy Check / Vector to Raster Converter / Virtual Radar Client VRF : Virtual Routing and Forwarding VRI : Vertical Retrace Interrupt / Video Remote Interpreting VRM : Vendor Relationship Management / Voltage regulator module VRML : Virtual Reality Modeling Language VR2 : Variable Rate Randomizer VRRP : Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (RFC 5798, 6527) VRS : Voice Response System VSAM : Virtual Storage Access Method VSAT : Very Small Aperture Terminal VSC : Voice Security Card / Voltage-source converter VSI : Virtual Switching Instance VSL : Virtual Shareware Library VSMB : VINES Server Message Bock VSN : Volume Serial Number VSP : Voice Service Provider VSPP : VINES Sequence Packet VSS : VirusScan Security Suite (McAfee) / Volume Shadow (Copy) Service (Microsoft) / Visual Source Safe (Microsoft) VST : Vietnam Standard Time / Virtual Specialist Technology VSWR : Voltage Standing Wave Ratio VTL : Virtual Terminal Language / Virtual Tape Library VTLS : Virginia Technical Library System VTOC : Volume Table of Contents VTP : Virtual Terminal Protocol VTR : VideoTape Recorder VTS : Virtual Terminal Service / Virtual Training Suite / Vessel Tracking System / Vessel Traffic Services / Voucher Trading System (RFC 3506) VTSI : Video Title Set Information VTSS : Virtual Time Sharing and Shaping (Retour au début) W3C : WordWide Web Consortium WAAS : Wide Area Augmentation System (GPS extension) WAB : Windows Address Book (filename extension) WABI : Windows Application Binary Interface (Solaris/Sun) WAC : World Area Codes / World Airport Codes WACS : Wide Area Centrex Service / West Africa Cable System / Web-based Adult Content Server / Wireless Access Communications System / White Alice Communications System / Warning and Caution System WAF : Web application firewall / Web application framework WAFC : World Area Forecast Center WAG : Web application gateway WAI : Web Accessibility Initiative WAIS : Wide Area Information Servers (rfc 1625) / Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale WAM : Web, Adaptation and Multimedia / Workstation Auditing Module / Wave Modulation / Wide-area Multilateration / Wrapped around multiple WAMP : Windows Apache Mysql PHP WAN : Wide Area Network WAP : Wireless Application Protocol / Web Application Projects WAR : (Java) Web ARchive WARC : World Administrative Radio Conference WARP : Warning Advice & Reporting Point WAS : Web Application Security WASC : Web Application Security Consortium WASP : Wireless Application Service Provider / Women Airforce Service Pilots / Wide-Area Special Projectile / Windows Apache SQLServer PHP / Wide Area Search for Planets / Wideband Acoustic Signal Processing / White Anglo Saxon Protestant / What A Strange Person / We Are Sexual Perverts (band) WAT : Windows Activation Technologies WATS : Wide Area Telephone Service WAVE : Wireless Access for the Vehicular Environment / Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool WBEM : Web Based Enterprise Management WBFS : Wii Backup File System WBT : Web-Based Training / Wait Before Transmitting WCAG : Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCCP : Web Cache Coordination Protocol WCDMA : Wideband Code-Division Multiple Access WCE : Wireless Cloud Element WCG : World Community Grid / World Cyber Games WCM : Web Content Management WCP : Warren Control Protocol WCS : Wireless Control System (Cisco) WDDM : Windows Display Driver Model WDDX : Web Distributed Data eXchange WDE : Whole Disk Encryption WDG : Wed Design Group WDM : Wavelength Division Multiplexing / Windows Driver Model (Microsoft) WDP : Wireless Datagram Protocol WDS : Wireless Distribution System / Windows Deployment Services / Worldwide Diagnostic System WDU : Windows Desktop Update / Wireless Detection Unit / Wavelength De-multiplexing Unit WECA : Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (now Wi-Fi Alliance) WEF : Wincrypt Encrypted File (filename extension) / World Economic Forum WEFT : Web Embedding Fonts Tool (Micosoft) WELF : WebTrends™ Enhanced Log Format WEP : Well-known Entry Point (MHS) / Wired Equivalent Privacy (IEEE) / Wireless Equivalency Protocol (Apple) WEPA : Wired equivalent privacy algorithm / World EPA WER : Windows Error Reporting WET : Western European Time WFS : Web Feature Service WFW : Windows for Workgroup WGA : Windows Genuine Advantage WGS : World Geodesic System WHM : WebHost Manager WIA : Windows Image Acquisition WIC : WAN Interface Card Wicd : Wireless Interface Connection (Daemon) WID : Windows Internet Device / Women in Development WIDE : Widely Integrated Distributed Environment WIG : Wireless Internet Gateway WIM : Write Into Memory / Wireless Identification Module WIMAX : World Interoperability for Microwave Access WIMP : Windowing Iconic Mouse-operated Pull-down menu system WIN : Wireless intelligent network WINA : WAP Interim Naming Authority WINS : Windows Internet Naming Service WIP : Wireless Internet Platform WIPO : World Intellectual Property Organization WISP : Wireless ISP / Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform / Wartime Information Security Program WKS : Well-known service WLAN : Wireless Local Area Network WLL : Wireless Local Loop WLM : Windows Live Messenger WMA : Waste Management Area / Windows Media Audio WMD : Windows Media Download WMF : Windows Metafile WMI : Windows Management Instrumentation WML : Wireless Markup Language WMM : Wi-Fi Multimedia / Windows Movie Maker WMN : Wireless Mesh Network WMS : Windows Messenger Service / Wide area Master Stations / Web Mapping Service / Warehouse Management System WMV : Windows media video (filename extension: Windows media player) WNRO : Week Number Rollover (GPS) WOFF : Web Open File Format WORM : Write Once Read Many WOSA : Windows Open Services Architecture (Microsoft) WOT : Web Of Trust WPA : Wi-Fi Protected Access WPAN : Wireless Personal Area Network WPBX : Wireless Private Branch eXchange WPD : WordPerfect document (filename extension) WPES : Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society WPF : Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) WPM : Words Per Minute WPML : WordPress Multilingual plugin WPS : Wireless Positioning System / Wi-Fi Protected Setup / (Micosoft Works file format) WRC : World Radiocommunication Conference WRF : Weather Research and Forecasting WRS : Worldwide Reference System / Wide area Reference Stations WRT : Wireless Receiver/Transmitter WSAD : (IBM) Websphere Studio Application Developper WSB : Working State Bus WSC : World Standardization Conference / Windows Security Center (Microsoft) WSDL : Web Services Description Language WSDM : Web Services Distributed Management WSF : WorkStation Function / Windows Script File WSH : Windows Scripting Host WSI : Wafer Scale Integration / WS-I= Web Services Interoperability WSIS : World Summit on the Information Society WSN : Wireless sensor networks WSON : Wavelength Switched Optical Network WSP : Wireless Session Protocol WSRI : Web Science Research Initiative WSUS : (Microsoft) Windows Server Update Services WTA : Wireless Telephony Application WTLS : Wireless Transport Layer Security WTP : Wireless Transaction Protocol WTR : Wait-to-Restore WTSC : World Telecommunication Standardization Conference (formerly CCITT Plenary Assembly) WUSB : Wireless USB WVS : Web Vulnerability Scanner WWDC : Worldwide Developers Conference (Apple) WWG : World Wide Grid WWL : World Wide Locator WWN : World Wide Name WWP : Warm Water Pump / Wave and Wait Protocol / Weighted Way Point (mobility model) WWRNS : Word Wide RadioNavigation System WWW : World Wide Web / World Weather Watch XAML : XML transaction Authority Markup Language / eXtensible Application Markup Language (MS) XARA : Cross App Ressources attack XBAP : XAML Browser Application (Windows) XBRL : eXtensible Business Reporting Language XCAP : XML Configuration Access Protocol (RFC 4825) XCF : eXperimental Computing Facility (image format of GIMP) XCR : Exponential Challenge-Response (signature) XDF : Extended Distance Feature XDM : X Window Display Manager XDR : eXternal Data Representation XEP : XMPP Extension Protocol XEX : Xor-encrypt-xor XFF : X-Forwarded-For (header field) XGA : eXtended Graphics Adapter (IBM) XHR : XML HTTP Request XID : eXchange Identification (HDLC) / eXperimental Interface Device XKMS : XML Key Management Specification XLR : Extra Long Run (audio connector) XLS : (Microsoft) Excel (FileName extension) XLST : eXtensible Style Language Transformer XMI : XML Metadata Interchange XML : eXtensible Markup Language XMLA : XML for Analysis xmlns : XML Namespace XMM : eXtended Memory Manager (LIM/AST) XMP : X/Open Management Protocol / EXtensible Metadata Platform XMPP : EXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (rfc 6120) XMS : Extended Memory Specification XNS : Xerox Network System / eXtensible Name Service XNU : X Not Unix XOR : eXclusive OR / XML Oriented Retrieval XPS : XML Paper Specification XRF : Extended Recovery Facility (IBM) XRN : eXpandable Resilient Networking (3Com) XRS : Extensible Routing System (Alcatel) XSD : XML Schema Definition XSF : XMPP Standards Foundation XSL : eXtensible Style Language XSLT : eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation XSRF : Cross-Site Request Forgery XSS : eXisting Source System / Cross Site Scripting XSSI : Cross Site Script Inclusion XST : Cross site tracing XTF : eXtensible Text Framework XTI : X/Open Transport Interface XTP : Express Transfer Protocol XWD : X-Windows Dump YAC : Yeast Artificial Chromosome / Youth Advisory Council / Yet another cleaner YACC : Yet Another Cso Compressor YAG : Yttrium Aluminium Garnet YAM : Yet Another Modem YAP : Yahoo! Application Platform YCSB : Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark YGN : Young Generation Network YIG : Yttrium Iron Garnet YIN : YANG (rfc 6020) Independent Notation YKHL : Yum, Kim, Hong, Lee (distance bounding protocol) YQL : Yahoo! Query Language YUM : Yellow dog Updater Modified YUV : Luminance (luma) and 2 chrominance signals ZAS : Zinc Arc Spraying ZCAV : Zoned Constant Angular Velocity ZDA : Zero Day Attack ZDE : Zero day exploit ZEC : Zone Echomail Coordinator.
ZEC Zone Echomail Coordinator ZEN Zero Effort Network (Novell) ZENDAS Zentrale Datenschutzstelle der baden-württembergischen Universitäten, Stuttgart ZEO Zope Enterprise Object ZF Zwischenfrequenz ZFM Zentralamt Für Mobilfunk, Münster.