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What does ZIX stand for?

ZIX stands for Zinc Isopropyl Xanthate


This definition appears very rarely

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Other means of identification Zinc isopropyl xanthate. 1.1 Product identifier 1.3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Product type Powder.
Composition: Zinc isopropyl xanthate Physical State: White to light yellow powder Specification Test Method *Fineness, through 100 mesh 99.9% minimum T-14
Zinc isopropyl xanthate. Other means of identification. : 1.1 Product identifier. 1.3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet. Powder.
Struktol WB222 (process aid) 1.0; (zinc isopropyl xanthate, from; Control TP95 TP90B Benzoflex 9-88 Benzoflex 9-88SG Tegmer 809 DOP Cumar P10
Dr. D. F. Twiss, who has retired; Twiss has done a considerable amount of work on vulcanization with sulphur, and discovered the use of zinc isopropyl xanthate (Z...
PROPYL ZITHATE® Zinc isopropyl xanthate. 76205 Material Safety Data Sheet Product name Synonym Material uses Supplier/Manufacturer Code In case of emergency
miscellaneous accelerators such as zinc isopropyl xanthate and; in the rubber manufacturing industry; in the general rubber goods, tyre manufacturing and...
according to vulcanization rate: slow accelerators, high and medium activity accelerators; Zinc isopropyl xanthate (ZIX) Sodium isopropyl xanthate (SIX)
Zinc isopropyl xanthate 2-6; Known elastomers for cushioning shock include polyurethane elastomers and ethylene vinyl acetate polymers.
Latex Additives. Octocure Latex & Rubber Accelerators. ZDB-50/ZDB-100 Zinc Dibutyldithiocarbamate; Zinc Isopropyl Xanthate 50% Aqueous Dispersion.
In the present work, zinc isopropyl xanthate (Zn(Xt) 2) was used as catalyst for the copolymerisation of PO and CS 2 into high copolymer.
Zinc,bis[O-(1-methylethyl) carbonodithioato-kS,kS']-; ZincO-isopropyl dithiocarbonate;Zinc isopropyl xanthate; (1-methylethyl) carbonodithioato-kS,kS']-, (T-4
of the monomer to active sites. These catalysts turned out to be quite stable, even under semiclosed conditions. With zinc isopropyl xanthate...
and characterization of zinc isopropyl xanthate and zinc butyl xanthate. The second part deals with the optimization of preparation method of Zn...
Figure 5: A thermogram of zinc isopropyl xanthate. Download figure. Copy reference < > Figure 5: A thermogram of zinc isopropyl...
Zinc isopropyl xanthate. Used as an active secondary accelerator in adhesives. Can be used synergically with dithiocarbamates and activated dithiocarbamates to
At last,PROPYL ZITHATE(1000-90-4) safety, risk; PROPYL ZITHATE ZINC ISOPROPYL XANTHATE 1000-90-4 Bis(O-isopropyldithiocarbonato) zinc(II...
Accelerators studied were zinc isopropyl xanthate and isopropyl xanthate tetrasulfide. The structures of these two accelerators are shown in figure 3.
also Offering Accelerator DTDM, 4,4'-Dithiodimorpholine, Morpholine disulfide, Dimorpholino disulfide, Zinc isopropyl Xanthate, and so on.
Zinc Isopropyl Xanthate. Post Date: 18 Aug 2015; Quantity: Valid For: Has expired; Description: We have a customer requesting a quote for Zinc Isopropyl Xanthate.
of zinc isopropyl xanthate was changed from 0 to 1·25 pphr as given in Table 2. The cure characteristics of the mixes weredetermined using a Goettfert elasto...
PROPYL ZITHATE® * Zinc isopropyl Xanthate ZnlX; SONGNOX 3114 Tris; Product Listing Guide - Rubber & Plastics - USA and Canada
Accelerators studied were zinc isopropyl xanthate and isopropyl xanthate; This may not be the case for curing isobutylene-based elastomers...
Zinc isopropyl xanthate. Used as a secondary accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers in adhesives. Can be used as an accelerator in latexes to prevent cop
the theoretically calculated precipitation area of zinc isopropyl xanthate coincides with pH-areas known for enhanced zinc flotation; (4) Zn(OH)iPX(s)...
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Suppliers List, E-mail/RFQ Form, Molecular Structure, Weight, Formula, IUPAC, Synonyms for Zinc Isopropyl Xanthate (CAS No. 1000-90-4)
Zinc Isopropyl Xanthate, Buy Various High Quality Zinc Isopropyl Xanthate Products from Global Zinc Isopropyl Xanthate Suppliers and Zinc Isopropyl Xanthate...
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Zinc isopropyl xanthate. Used as secondary accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers.