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What does YMSL stand for?

YMSL stands for Yucatec Maya Sign Language


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" Researcher Erich Fox Tree reports that it is used by deaf rural Maya throughout the region, as well as some traders and traditional storytellers. These communities and Fox Tree believe that Meemul Ch'aab'al belongs to an ancient family of Maya sign languages. ,[3] by Patricia Valdata for DiverseEducation. com, 2005. Fox Tree claims that Yucatec Maya Sign Language.
An extensive written and video-taped vocabulary of Yucatec Maya Sign Language (Ethnologue/ISO code msd) has been accumulated including a Swadesh word list on film. Some preliminary analyses have been done, and the language contains most of the structural features that characterize natural signed languages. For more details, see "Sign language, culture & community in a traditional Yucatec Maya village", published by Robert E.
Widely used by hearing people as well as deaf. Hearing people speak Yucatec Maya Sign Language and Spanish [spa]. Reportedly well integrated into local society, so presumably used in all domains in which deaf people participate. All ages.
Yucatec Maya Sign Language Yucatec Maya Sign Language, unrelated to Mexican Sign Language, is a sign language used by deaf and hearing inhabitants in a rural Yucat?n region in Mexico. There is a high incidence of hereditary deafness in the village. As these inhabitants communicate in Yucatec Maya Sign Language, both deaf and hearing inhabitants are fully integrated in the community.
Olivier Le Guen. 2012. "An Exploration in the Domain of Time: From Yucatec Maya Time Gestures To Yucatec Maya Sign Language Time Signs. " In Sign Languages in Village Communities, edited by Ulrike Zeshan and Connie de Vos. de Gruyter.
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