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What does X/A stand for?

X/A stands for X-chromosome/autosome


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H. Morgan (D) W. Sutton Ans : (B) 103. Balanoglossus is commonly known as? (A) Earthworm (B) Tapeworm (C) Corn worm (D) Tongue worm Ans : (D) 104. In Drosophila, sex determination depends on? (A) Y-chromosome (B) X-chromosome (C) Autosome (D) X-chromosome & autosome both Ans : (D) 105. Nonsense codons are? (A) AUG, AAU, UAG (B) GGU, AGU, AUG (C) UAG, UAA, UGA (D) GAU, AAU, GUA Ans : (C) 106.
Selective constraint and sex-biased demography of human populations from X chromosome-autosome.
### DMD/BMD in females: In rare instances, females have been found which have a DMD or BMD phenotype. Theoretically, at a molecular level, several potential causes can be envisaged; = disease-causing mutations present in both DMD genes (i. e. on both X-xhromosomes, one from each parent) =non-random X-inactivation =tanslocations disrupting the DMD-gene The most frequently identified cause detected so far is a (balanced) translocation disrupting the DMD-gene. As a consequence, the DMD-gene is split in two and joined with a segment of another chromosome (autosome.