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What does X-CGD stand for?

X-CGD stands for X chromosome-linked chronic granulomatous disease


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Baehner RL, Kunkel LM, Monaco AP, Haines JL, Conneally PM, Palmer C, Heerema N, Orkin SH: DNA linkage analysis of X chromosome-linked chronic granulomatous disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1986, 83(10):3398-3401. PubMed Abstract | Publisher Full Text | PubMed Central Full Text.
This is a very heterogeneous deficiency classified as X chromosome-linked CGD (gp91-phox subunit) and as autosomal recessive chronic granulomatous disease, where any of the subunits of the enzyme, that is, p22-phox, p47-phox and p67-phox, may be affected. The most frequent clinical findings include, among others, lymphadenopathy, splenohepatomegaly and pneumonia. Broad-spectrum antibiotics for the treatment of the disease and gamma interferon for the treatment of severe infections are used in X chromosome-linked chronic granulomatous disease.