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What does XPWS stand for?

XPWS stands for X Personal Web Server


This definition appears very rarely

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LAMP is an acronym that stands for LinuxApacheMySQLPHP and are components required to run a Dynamic HTML webpage. This instructable will demonstrate how you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a personal web server. The steps to install all of the components are relatively straight forward. After your personal web server is complete, you can use it to host a custom HTML or PHP resume, or a personal landing page which is what I chose to do.
[5] There are tons of uses for your personal web server beyond a password-protected jukebox. Publish your blog at home, host a personal wiki, share video files and photos. Basically any file you want to publish as read-only is a good candidate. A home web server has the advantage over special server/client software because it only requires a web browser to connect to it.