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What does XIC stand for?

XIC stands for X Inactivation Centre


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Herzing LB, Romer JT, Horn JM, Ashworth A (1997). "Xist has properties of the X-chromosome inactivation centre". Nature 386 (6622): 272–5. doi:10. 1038/386272a0. PMID 9069284.
Important insights have been made into the developmental dynamics of this process. Recent studies have identified several cis- and trans-acting factors that regulate the initiation of XCI via the X-inactivation centre. Such studies have shed light on the relationship between XCI and pluripotency. They have also revealed the existence of dosage-dependent activators that trigger XCI when more than one X chromosome is present, as well as possible mechanisms underlying the monoallelic regulation of this process.
Regulation of X-chromosome inactivation by the X-inactivation centre. Augui S1, Nora EP, Heard E.
Xist (X-inactive specific transcript) is an RNA gene on the X chromosome of the placental mammals that acts as a major effector of the X inactivation process. [1] It is a component of the Xic - X-chromosome inactivation centre[2] - along with two other RNA genes (Jpx and Ftx) and two protein genes (Tsx and Cnbp2). [3] The Xist RNA, a large (17 kb in humans)[4] transcript, is expressed on the inactive chromosome and not on the active one.
Tsix, a gene antisense to Xist at the X-inactivation centre.
Xist has properties of the X-chromosome inactivation centre.