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What does WAH stand for?

WAH stands for Wide Angle Hall


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Strangeness production at RHIC energies as seen by the STAR detector. Iwona Sakrejda Acta Physica; located in the Wide Angle Hall of the RHIC accelerator...
So what are our options when going for a extreme wide angle lense?; That I read "Wide-angle hall of fame" by were is written that...
following research and development activities ; STAR PMD in the Eastern side of Wide Angle Hall at RHIC. ALICE PMD, shown at the parking (servicing) position.
Died In Committee SB2058 Ski boat; no observer when equipped with wide angle Hall mirror. 02/03 (S) Died In Committee. End Of Document. 1998/subjects/W216-30...
Experimental areas: summary of activity. Participants were divided into two subgroups; topics associated with the wide-angle hall, open areas...
forward regions of the STAR wide angle hall. The main modules for each side were two 7x7 lead glass arrays positioned on both sides of the beam pipe.
Hall 02/04 (S) Died In Committee SB2021 Hate crimes; revise; Died In Committee SB2033 Ski boat; no observer when equipped with wide angle Hall mirror.
Estimates of Dose Equivalent Through the Wide Angle Hall End Wall. AD/RHIC/RD/127. Aug. 3, 1999. H. Hahn, et al. Operation of the RHIC Beam Dump Thyratron CX1575C.
Preparations in Wide-Angle Hall. The calorimeters are planned to be mounted on the tunnel platform extensions that serve to support the beam pipe through the STAR mid...
24-25mm hall of fame. Reviews pending; Wide-angle hall of fame: 19-21mm league table. 24-25mm league table. 28mm league table. 35mm league table.
Wide Angle Hall 1006A Wide Angle Hall Support Building 1006B Wide Angle Hall Service Building 1007 7 O'Clock Sextant 1007A 7 O'Clock Sextant Electronics Alcove
Up: TPC testing Access to TPC Test Data. Cosmic-ray operation of the STAR TPC resumed September 21, 1998 at BNL/RHIC in the Building 1006 (STAR Wide-Angle Hall...
5.2.2 Ensure that all personnel, except the LEC and/or Shift Leader, are evacuated from the Assembly Building and Wide Angle Hall (WAH), and
The "test" geometry tag is a very simple geometry, implementing only the wide angle hall and the cave. All detectors, beam pipes, magnets, etc...
Participated in com- missioning of the PMD in the STAR Wide Angle Hall. Worked as an on-call person for PMD during RUN V in the year 2005. Groups. Women in Physics;
Fig. 1. The layout of the STAR detector facility. This diagram shows the location of the various halls. The detector is shown in the Wide Angle Hall.
J40H Wide Angle Hall Effect Joystick A Three Axis Joystick 2.82" Handle Height Lever Electrical Angle Approximately 40° (X and Y Axis) or 60° (Z Axis) Max.
The detector is shown in the Wide Angle Hall. 3 Integration Drawings The STAR detector has many layers. As these layers were constructed at different
49 The experimental areas consist of a Wide-Angle hall at 6 o'clock, major facilities at 8 o'clock and 10 o'clock, a Small-Angle hall at 2 o'clock.
RHIC management assigned the STAR detector 1 to the Wide Angle Hall (WAH), located at the 6 o'clock position in the accelerator ring.
platform housing the control system electronics sit in a high radiation area in the Wide Angle Hall (WAH). This area is not accessible during operation of RHIC...
RHIC wide angle hall, which is used as the experimental hall for p exper-iments. Requirements include beams transport from the production target
The STAR PMD in the wide angle hall at BNL, viewed from the RHIC tunnel side. NEWS CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 90, NO. 8, 25 APRIL 2006 1057
Ein Weitwinkelobjektiv verkleinert bei gleicher Motiventfernung also; schafft das Weitwinkel-Objektiv noch den großen; Wide-angle hall of fame von 16...