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What does VMA stand for?

VMA stands for Virtual Memory Area

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After this, click on the "Change" button in the virtual memory area (bottom of box), and increase this. Though the best solution would be to buy more RAM.
The fault handler maps your virtual pages onto the page cache after obtaining a page frame with the needed; Render then writes to its virtual memory area that maps...
Zero footprint method and apparatus for expanding allocated memory space of a process using a virtual memory area Abstract.
Memory Management in the system. Linux Linux implements the virtual memory data structure just like UNIX. virtual memory area structures are maintained in linked...
(a virtual memory area which is actually just a file on disk) and then loading other bits back into memory;..if this movement is required a great deal...
There will be a choice called System Managed Size in the Virtual Memory area, select it, press Set (this one is important), and then choose OK.
Hot Add Memory on vSphere 4.1. Is it useful? February 15; Since the application normally just see a large virtual memory area...
Initialize the kernel virtual memory area. void * kmalloc (size_t size) Allocate a memory block from the kernel memory area. This is a best-fit like allocator.
Computers also use your hard drive as a virtual memory area when your RAM cannot hold; The speed at which memory moves data around also affects the computer's speed.
We want to create shared data in the virtual memory area in vxWorks. We got some information that we need to use vmLib API for mapping virtual memory to our application.
Why is Pagefile.sys not visible at new location; To double-check that I correctly followed the file-moving procedure I went into the Virtual Memory area...
The virtual memory area is corrupted by a program. 5. A program is attempting to access data that is being modified by another program that is running.
mation, including virtual memory area maps (VMAs). If we look at /proc/740/maps we get 54 lines, each containing a VMA. The rst column shows the starting and ending
What is the difference between objects WMA (Virtual Memory Area: struct vm_area_struct, with which operates the kernel Linux) and PTE (Page Table
Monitoring a virtual memory area (Win32) Is there any Win32 API function for monitoring a particular area in a program's virtual memory. For example, a notification...
Click the Advanced tab, and then, in the Virtual Memory area, click Change. Select Custom Size, and then enter a number in the Initial size (MB)...
Click the Advanced tab, and then click Change under the Virtual memory area. Select the system partition where the operating system is installed.
What is claimed is: 1. A method for querying for a virtual memory area, the method comprising: determining whether a virtual memory area (vma...
Slaying the Virtual Memory Monster MSDN Blogs >; For example, each process starts with a default heap that is created within your virtual memory area.
Entropy is increased by either raising the amount of virtual memory area space over which the randomization occurs or reducing the period over which the randomization...
Then discusses how to accomplish the Red-Black tree in Linux Kernel, and Red-Black tree used for arranging virtual memory area of Linux. Published in...
FAQ_Linux_Memory_Management; Virtual Memory Area. Virtual memory allows non-contiguous memory to be addressed as if it is contiguous.
Virtual Memory Area | Change Button. In the Virtual Memory dialog, uncheck: "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives". Click on the radio...
How does the kernel store the virtual memory area? up vote 2 down vote favorite. I am trying to understand do_page_fault in fault.c (x86 architecture).
Upgrading Your HP Pavilion PC; The contents of RAM are swapped to and from the virtual memory area on the disk. This will cause a lot of disk swapping...
linux - Does Virtual Memory area struct only comes into picture when there is a page
Virtual Memory seven 1 Exercise Goal: You will study how Linux implements virtual memory. A general; Whenever a virtual memory area is to be mapped, a new struct
I'm trying to get 2 virtual memory area pointing on the same physical memory. The point is to have different page protection parameters on each memory area.
Red-Black Tree Used for Arranging Virtual Memory Area of Linux on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.
Virtual Memory Area. Harold Austin Kyle Moore William Pedicone. Introduction. What is the vm_area_struct? What operations are attached to the struct vm_area_struct?
The Linux kernel contains a vulnerability in the do_mremap() call that allows software to create a virtual memory area (VMA) with a length of 0 bytes.
The virtual memory area is corrupted by a program. A program is attempting to access data that is being modified by another program that is running.