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What does VV-T stand for?

VV-T stands for Vicia villosa-adherent CD8+ T


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Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a lymphotropic human herpesvirus which is also a polyclonal B-cell activator. We show here that Vicia villosa-adherent CD8+ T (VV-T) cells, which have a contrasuppressive activity, play an important role in the B-cell response to EBV and that T-helper cells are not required for antibody production against EBV particles. We have examined this activity by measuring anti-EBV IgM antibody production by B cells in vitro in the presence and the absence of both T-helper and VV-T cells.
In the spleens of nude mice, the predominant CD3+ T cell subpopulation was DN. Further, in mesenteric and peripheral lymph nodes, approximately one-third and one-half of the CD3+ T cells were double negative, respectively. In contrast, CD3+, DN T cells represent a small subpopulation in normal (+/+) mice. We next showed that functional regulatory T cells which possess the ability to abrogate oral tolerance were induced in nu/nu mice by Ag priming. BALB/c nude mice were immunized with SRBC, and the splenic CD3+, Vicia villosa-adherent.
Ptak, W. , Green, D. R. , and Flood, P. M. (1986). Cellular interactions in the adoptive transfer of contact sensitivity: characterisation of an antigen non-specific Vicia villosa-adherent T cell needed for adoptive transfer into naive recipients. J. Immunol. , 137, 1822.