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What does UBN stand for?

UBN stands for Ultranet Banner Network


This definition appears very rarely

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John's University SRP -----Stabilization Reference Package SXE -----STAF Execution Engine SSG -----Staff Study Group SWA -----Staff Weather Advisor SAE -----Stamped Addressed Envelope SBN -----Standard Book Number (predecessor to ISBN) SCF -----Standard Cubic Feet SEE -----Standard Error of Estimation SGE -----Standard General Education SGB -----Standard Geographic Base SIF -----Standard Interchange Format SJP -----Standard Jet Penetration SLF -----Standard Linear Format SML -----Standard Machine Language SNL -----Standard Nomenclature List SOG -----Standard Operating Guidelines SOP -----Standard Operating Procedure (American) SQT -----Standard Question Time SRM -----Standard Repair Manual SRE -----Standard Revised Edition SSF -----Standard System Failure STC -----Standard Telephone Code(s) STF -----Standard Transaction Format SVI -----Standard Volume Indicator SWG -----Standard Wire Gauge SMR -----Standardized Mortality Ratio SAZ -----Standards Association of Zimbabwe SWO -----Standards Writing Organization SBY -----Standby SRO -----Standing Room Only (theatre) SWR -----Standing Wave Radio SFG -----Star Formation Group SFH -----Star Formation History SKC -----Star Knitting Company SBG -----Starless Bok Globule SCM -----State Certified Midwife SCW -----State College of Washington (USA-WA) SEN -----State Enrolled Nurse QJQ -----State of North Carolina Governor's Office Library SRN -----State Registered Nurse VYQ -----State University of New York Upstate Medical University Library SVM -----State Variable Model SYA -----State Your Answer SZC -----State Zionist Council SOF -----Statement Of Functionality SOO -----Statement Of Objectives SOQ -----Statement Of Qualifications SKI -----Statens Kaernkraftinspektion SFE -----Static Feed Electrolysis SGP -----Static Ground Point SYC -----Static Yard Capacity STA -----Station SAJ -----Station astronomique Jansky (France) SKE -----Station Keeping Equipment SMK -----Statsministerens Kontor SOR -----Status of Operating Resources SMP -----Statutory Maternity Pay SSP -----Statutory Sick Pay SSX -----Stealth Sonic Orchestra(X) SJI -----Steel Joist Institute SDS -----Steering Damping System SDA -----Step Down Amplifier SXS -----Step-by-Step ZJT -----Stephenville (Newfoundland) SMZ -----Stereo Microscope-Zoom STG -----Sterling SHK -----Sternwarte Heiligkreuz OVQ -----sterreichische Vereinigung fr Qualittssicherung QQJ -----"Stevensville, Montana" SKN -----Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland Statens Kaernkraftinspektion SLE -----Stochastic Liouville Equation SAW -----Stock Aitken Waterman SXJ -----Stock Exchange Journal SKU -----Stock Keeping Unit SGS -----Stockport Grammar School SQK -----Stop QuicK STQ -----Stop The Questions SWN -----Stop Work Notice SCU -----Storage Control Unit SLS -----Storage Library System SPC -----Stored Program Controller STB -----Straight To Bed STR -----Strait SYG -----Strapping Young Girl SYL -----Strapping Young Lad SAL -----Strategic Arms Limitation SBP -----Strategic Business Plan SBU -----Strategic Business Unit SDI -----Strategic Defense Initiative SMS -----Strategic Missile System SPB -----Strategic Planning Board SRW -----Strategic Reconnaissance Wing SRJ -----Street Racing Japan SWY -----Street-Wise Youth SLG -----Strictly Localized Geminal SLO -----Strictly Localized Orbital SVY -----Strong Voice for Youth SRL -----Structural Return Loss SWJ -----Structural Weld Joint SEH -----Structured Exception Handling SFQ -----Structured Full-text Query SQL -----Structured Query Language SAB -----Student Activities Board SBX -----Student Book Exchange SUC -----Student Union Council SUJ -----Studenten und Jungingenieure SGZ -----Studentengezondheidszorg SAC -----Students Advice Centre SCK -----Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie SZS -----StudienZentrum fr Sehgeschdigte SZK -----Studienzentrum Kulturarbeit SJO -----Studium Jezykow Obcych SET -----Study of Exceptional Talent SWB -----Stupid White Boy SBR -----Styrene-Butadiene Rubber SMG -----Sub Machine Gun SAH -----SubArachnoid Hemorrhage SDO -----Subdivisional Officer (military) SYD -----Subject Your Discretion SZQ -----Subjektive Zeitquant SUB -----Subscriber SRK -----Subscriber Radiocommunications Kenya Services company STU -----Subscriber Terminal Unit SVT -----Subscriber Voice Terminal SPI -----Subsequent Protocol Identifier SPN -----Substitution Permutation Network SUE -----Sub-Unit Evaluation SUH -----suburban utility housing SUX -----sucks SNO -----Sudbury Neutrino Observatory SJZ -----Suddeutsche Juristenzeitung SKL -----Sueddeutsche Klassenlotterie Statens Kaernkraftinspektion SKJ -----Suedtirols Katholische Jugend Statens Kaernkraftinspektion SUF -----Sufficient STE -----suite SMX -----Sulfamethoxazole SRB -----Sulphat-Reducing Bacteria SFP -----Summary Flight Plan SUM -----Summer QYK -----Summit (New Jersey) Free Public Library SPF -----Sun Protection Factor SUG -----SUN User's Group SNY -----Sunday Night Youth SBK -----Super Bike SFB -----Super Fast Build SHX -----Super High Expansion SHF -----Super High Frequency (radio) SLQ -----Super Letter Quality STJ -----Superconducting Tunnel Junction SLW -----Supercooled Liquid Water SGY -----Supergalactic Y-coordinate SHD -----Super-High Definition SST -----SuperSonic Transport SUP -----Supplement SMA -----Supplemental Maintenance Appraisal SVD -----Supplementary Volume Descriptor SON -----Support of Other Nations SOY -----Supporting Our Youth SII -----Suprathermal Ion Imager SCO -----Supreme Court of Ontario SHQ -----Supreme HeadQuarters SJC -----Supreme Judicial Court (America) SFR -----Sure Fire Runner SBL -----Surface Boundary Layer SBZ -----Surface Brillouin Zone SCZ -----Surface Convection Zone SDZ -----Surface Danger Zone SMD -----Surface Mounted Device SRT -----Surface Recording Terminal SAM -----Surface to Air Missiles SSM -----Surface to Surface Missile STW -----Surface Transverse Wave STT -----Surface Tunnel Transistor SVU -----Surface Vehicle Unit SMI -----Surveillance Monitoring Inspection SPY -----Survey of Parents and Youth SND -----Survivable Network Development SNT -----Survivable Network Technology SUS -----Susanna (Apocrypha) SUU -----Suspension Underwing Unit SOD -----Sustained Operational Date SUY -----Suya SEK -----Svenska Elektriska Kommissionen SKK -----Svenska Kennelklubben Statens Kaernkraftinspektion SXK -----Svenska Kryssarklubbens SKF -----Svenska Kullagerfabriken SUK -----Svenska Undulat Klubben SKP -----Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti Statens Kaernkraftinspektion SOK -----Sveriges Olympiska Kommitte ZJN -----Swan River (Canada-MN) (location identifier) SJQ -----Swann Jazz Quartet SXY -----Swap X and Y Registers SVR -----Swine Vesicular Disease SWX -----Swiss Exchange SVB -----Switched Video Broadcast SVC -----Switched Virtual Channel SVP -----Switched Virtual Path SVS -----Switched Voice Service SYO -----Sydney Youth Orchestra SYM -----Symbol UXY -----Symmetric Uncertainty Coefficient SPW -----Symmetrized Plane Wave SYN -----SYNchronous SEO -----Synchronous Equatorial Orbit SDH -----Synchrotron Digital Handling SNJ -----Syndicat National des Journalistes SAI -----Synoptic Atmospheric Imager SOE -----Synthetic Operating Environment SNH -----Synthetic-Natural Hybrid SYY -----Sysco Corporation SCV -----System Component Verification SFT -----System Fault Tolerance SHW -----System High Workstation SLT -----System Level Test SMT -----System Management Team SPT -----System Planning Team SSI -----System Service Infrastructure SUT -----System Under Test SUA -----System Use Area SIO -----Systems Integration Office SNA -----Systems Network Architechture SXL -----Systems Xpress Limited SIH -----Systme Informatique Hospitalier TLU -----Table Look-Up TOC -----Table Of Contents TBS -----TaBleSpoons (cooking) TVM -----Tachometer Volt-Meter TWJ -----Tack Welded Joint TAO -----Tactical Action Officer TAC -----Tactical Air Command TAW -----Tactical Air Wing TBM -----Tactical Ballistic Missile TBX -----Tactical Ballistic missile Experiment TCJ -----Tactical Communications Jamming TCW -----Tactical Control Wing TDN -----Tactical Data Network TDP -----Tactical Data Processor TDG -----Tactical Development Group TDF -----Tactical Digital Facsimile TDC -----Tactical Display Console TDU -----Tactical Display Unit TEW -----Tactical Electronic Warfare TEP -----Tactical Entry Point TFO -----Tactical Fiber Optics TFE -----Tactical Field Exercise TFX -----Tactical Field Exercise TFG -----Tactical Fighter Group TFW -----Tactical Fighter Wing TFU -----Tactical Forecast Unit TFC -----Tactical Fusion Center TFD -----Tactical Fusion Division TJP -----Tactical Jamming Pod TJS -----Tactical Jamming System TKF -----Tactical Killer Force TMW -----Tactical Missile Wing TNW -----Tactical Nuclear Weapon TPN -----Tactical Packet Network TPW -----Tactical Planning Workstation TQG -----Tactical Quiet Generator TRO -----Tactical Reconnaissance Office TRW -----Tactical Reconnaissance Wing TRV -----Tactical Robotic Vehicle TTW -----Tactical Training Wing TUV -----Tactical Underwater Vehicle TUA -----Tactical Unmanned Aircraft TUS -----Tactical Unmanned System TUH -----Tactical Utility Helicopter TVS -----Tactical Vehicle Simulator TWI -----Tactical Weather Intelligence TWR -----Tactical Weather Radar TWV -----Tactical Wheeled Vehicle TKD -----Tae Kwon Do TJQ -----Tai Ji Quan (a Martial Art) TLG -----Tail Landing Gear TJK -----Tajikair TZK -----Tajikistan TYM -----Taking Your Machine TLK -----talk TFL -----Talk For Less TLY -----Tally TRZ -----Tambopata Reserved Zone TDI -----Tamper Detection Indicator TTN -----Tandem Tie-line Network TOA -----Tangent = opposite TXM -----Tank eXchange Model TFP -----Tank Farm Project TGF -----Tank Grout Farm TWC -----Tank Waste Characterization TPB -----Tanks and Pretreatment Branch TQY -----Tanqueray TZM -----Tantalum-Zirconium-Molybdenum TSZ -----Tanz Sport Zentrum THB -----Tanzanian Housing Bank TZR -----Tanzania-Zambia Railway TQW -----Tanzquartier Wien TMU -----Tape Memory Unit TGA -----Targa (graphic file format) TIF -----Targa Image Format TFY -----Target Fiscal Year TIO -----Target Intelligence Officer TKS -----Target Kill Simulator ----- TNL -----Target Nomination List ----- TOO -----Target Of Opportunity ----- TRP -----Target Reference Point ----- TVK -----Target Value Kills ----- TWG -----Target Working Group ----- THM -----Target-Holding Mechanism ----- TAL -----Task Assignment List ----- TXA -----Task Exchange Area ----- TGC -----Task Group Commander ----- TAS -----Tasmania ----- TUU -----Tasmania University Union ----- TKW -----Tauernkraftwerke ----- TZF -----Tauziehfreunde ----- TNH -----Tax Notes Highlights -----3 THz) TVA -----Taxe a la Valeur Ajoutee (French VAT) ----- TXO -----Taxi Orange TXG -----Taxiing TWY -----Taxiway TYC -----Teach Yourself Computing TYF -----Teach Yourself French TYH -----Teach Yourself History TYW -----Teach Yourself Woodworking TYY -----Teach Yourself Yoga TJN -----Teacher Job Network TQA -----Teaching Quality Assessment (UK education) TTB -----Team Training Branch TWP -----Team Work Plan TXR -----Team Xtreme Racing TWW -----Teaming With Wildlife TSP -----TeaSPoonfuls (cooking) TGU -----Tech Group University TLJ -----Tech Law Journal TAR -----Technical Analysis Report TCF -----Technical Complexity Factor TDD -----Technical Directive Document TDM -----Technical Document Management TEB -----Technical Evaluation Board THH -----Technical Helpdesk-Highspeed TIB -----Technical Information Bulletin TIL -----Technical Information Library TJX -----Technical Journal of Xerography TKO -----Technical KnockOut (boxing) TKH -----Technical Know-How TKB -----Technical Knowledge Base TKX -----Technical Knowledge Exchange TOI -----Technical Operation Instruction TPD -----Technical Product Documentation TPO -----Technical Program Officer TRM -----Technical Reference Model TTG -----Technical Translation Group TWO -----Technical Work Order TZZ -----Technico Zasobovaci Zavod TUB -----Technischen Universitaet Berlin TGZ -----Technologie- und Gewerbezentrum TIZ -----Technologie- und Innovationszentrum TZQ -----Technologiezentrum fuer Qualitaet TZI -----Technologie-Zentrum Informatik TZL -----Technologiezentrum Linth TZS -----Technologiezentrum Sachsen TZT -----Technologiezentrum Trier TZU -----Technologiezentrum Umweltschutz TZW -----Technologiezentrum Warnemuende TPG -----Technology Planning Guide TTO -----Technology Transition Operations TUO -----Technology Utilization Officer TZY -----Tedarik Zinciri Yonetini TMJ -----Tedious Middleman Jargon TKY -----Teknillisen Korkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunta TBB -----Telecommunications Bonding Backbone THC -----Telecommunications Host Controller TWM -----Telecommunications Work Management TMO -----Telegraph Money Order TKE -----telekenesis TKV -----Telekommunikations-Kundenschutzverordnung TEL -----Telephone TXS -----Telephone eXchange Strowger TJB -----Telephone Junction Box TNV -----Telephone Network Voltage TUK -----Telephone United Kingdom TUP -----Telephone User Part TTX -----TeleTeXt TTY -----TeleTYpewriter TWX -----TeletypeWriter eXchange TVC -----Televisao Comercial de Angola TAM -----Television Audience Measurement TVE -----TeleVision Espanola TVF -----Television Finland TVG -----TeleVision Galicia TVI -----TeleVision Interfaces TFJ -----Television Juive Francaise TKU -----Television Kumamoto TVO -----Television Optical TVR -----Television Recorder TSW -----Television South-West TVV -----TeleVision Valenciana TLX -----Telex TME -----Telocator Message Entry TOG -----Temperature (something) Gradient (measure of duvet warmth) TCZ -----Temperature Compensated Zone TCV -----Temperature Control Valve THI -----Temperature Humidity Index TSL -----Temperature Switch Low TPR -----"Temperature, Pulse and Respiration" TBY -----Temple Bat Yahm TBZ -----Temple Beth Zion TBK -----Temple B'rith Kodesh TUJ -----Temple University Japan TYG -----Temple Youth Group TSJ -----Templum Sodalitas Janus TAD -----Temporary Additional Duty TDY -----temporary duty TFR -----Temporary Flight Restriction TLF -----Temporary Loading Facility TTD -----Temporary Text Delay TVD -----Temporary Visual Display TEQ -----Ten Easy Questions TYP -----Ten Year Plan TUQ -----Tenants' Union of Queensland TLC -----Tender Loving Care TPM -----Ten-Point Maneouvre TXZ -----Tensor X-Z plane TQX -----Tentative Quadratic Exchange TDS -----Ter Die Sumendus (to be taken three times a day) TID -----Ter In Die (three times a day) TEV -----Tera-Electron Volts THZ -----TeraHertz TWH -----TeraWatt Hour TAP -----Terminal Access Point TAU -----Terminal Access Unit TCI -----Terminal Command Identify TCS -----Terminal Command String TCE -----Terminal Control Element TDV -----Terminal Delivery Vehicle TIX -----Terminal Indicate additional channel X TII -----Terminal Indicate Identity TIN -----Terminal Indicate Number TIS -----Terminal Indicate Secondary TKG -----Terminal Key Generator TLO -----Terminal Learning Objective TTU -----Terminal Time Unit THP -----Terminal to Host Protocol TGW -----Terminally Guided Warhead TSO -----Terminating Service Office TLW -----Termination Liability Worksheet YXT -----"Terrace, British Columbia" TWB -----Terrestrial Wide-Band TAA -----Territorial Army Action TAE -----Test And Evaluation TEG -----Test and Evaluation Group TET -----Test and Evaluation Team TBU -----Test Before Using TCK -----Test ClocK TCR -----Test Conditions and Requirements TIW -----Test Issue Work-out TJF -----Test Jack Field TLT -----Test Loop Translator TMP -----Test Management Protocol TMG -----Test Message Generator TWE -----Test of Written English TRA -----Test Requirements Analysis TRG -----Test Review Group QXA -----Test Train Coach (railroad) TTH -----Test Train Handling TEI -----Test-End Instrumentation TES -----Testing and Evaluation Section TFA -----tetra-fluoro-acetate TTF -----TetraThiaFulvalene TZC -----Tetrazolium Chloride TZV -----Tetra-Zolium Violet TUG -----TeX User's Group TXN -----TeXaN TPJ -----Texans for Public Justice TCU -----Texas Christian University TXX -----Texas Crossing TXI -----Texas Industries TJA -----Texas Jail Association TXU -----Texas Utilities TXY -----Texas Xiang Yue TYE -----Texas Youth Encounter TXW -----Texas-Western TXT -----TeXT format TTJ -----Text Translation into Japanese TUI -----Text-based User Interface TXJ -----Textranjero TVP -----Textured Vegetable Protein (proprietary name) TGI -----Thai-German Institute TUW -----Thailand Underwear TVY -----Thames Valley TVU -----Thames Valley University TFI -----Thank F**k It's. THX -----thanks TNX -----thanks TFN -----Thanks For Nothing TIA -----thanks in advance AJN -----The American Journal of Nursing ARX -----the ARX is a great stone book in the state of Ladonia TCC -----The Children's Channel EZS -----The Easy (=EZ) Stuff SQQ -----The following page(s) (Latin TGJ -----The Gestalt Journal GYK -----The God You Know TGB -----The Good Book TGG -----The Great Gatsby THQ -----The Hard Questions HJG -----The History Journals Guide THN -----The Humor Network TIQ -----The Ignorant Question TJZ -----The Jam Zone JEA -----The Japan Electric Association JHT -----The Jersey Heritage Trust TJJ -----The Jerusalem Journey JBS -----The John Birch Society TJW -----The Joker's Wild TJL -----The Jonxis Lectures TKA -----The King's Academy TKC -----The King's College TKZ -----The Knowledge Zone TMF -----The Motley Fool TMK -----The Mushroom Kingdom TNN -----The National Network TNK -----The Neighbor Kids TNC -----The Networking Center NFX -----The New Fone Express (magazine) TNG -----The Next Generation TOS -----The Original Series TOZ -----The Outdoor Zone TQK -----The Quake Killers TQH -----The Quiet Hour TSC -----The Space Channel IND -----the state of Indiana MYD -----the state of Maryland RIS -----the state of Rhode Island TTZ -----The Twilight Zone VSA -----the Very Small Array WWY -----"The World, the Word and You" TXF -----The X-Files TYR -----The Young Riders (Television show) TJO -----Theater Joint Operations TJG -----Theater Junge Generation TSN -----Theater Support Node TFT -----Theatre Film and Television TYA -----Theatre for Young Audiences TIE -----Theatre in Education TMA -----Theatre Managers Association TRH -----Their Royal Highnesses TSH -----Their Serene Highnesses TVZ -----Theologische Verlag Zuerich KXX -----Thermal Conductivity TDX -----Thermal Demand Transmitter TER -----Thermal Eclipse Reading TED -----Thermal Expansion Difference TXV -----Thermal eXpansion Valve TFF -----Thermal Field Flow THJ -----Thermal Joining TWD -----Thermal Warning Device TSI -----Thermocouple Selector Indicator TZG -----Thermofit Zap Gun TPV -----Thermo-PhotoVoltaic TPU -----Thermoplastic Polyurethane TNJ -----Thick N Juicy TYN -----THIMUN Youth Network TAF -----Thin And Fat TPZ -----Thioperazine THG -----Third Harmonic Generation TPI -----Third Party Inspection TWN -----Third World Newsreel TWQ -----Third World Quarterly TLH -----Thomas Lincoln Handy school TZO -----Thorne-Zytkov Object TOK -----Thorough OverKill THA -----Threat Hazard Analysis TSG -----Threat Steering Group ----- YUV -----Three component colours of broadcast-standard TV (inverses of RGB) ----- TFM -----Three Fruit Marmalade ----- TLA -----three letter acronym (!) ----- TRC -----Three Ring Circus ----- TPT -----Three-Point Turn ----- TRB -----Three-Ring Binder -----Job specific TKT -----Threshold Knowledge Test ----- TLV -----Threshold Limit Value ----- TOV -----Threshold of Visibility ----- TTP -----Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura ----- TXB -----Thromboxane-B ----- TBL -----Through Bill of Lading ----- TTL -----Through The Lens (photography) ----- TSV -----Thru-Sight Video ----- TVJ -----Thrust Vector Jet ----- TJV -----Thueringer Judoverbandes TLZ -----Thueringische Landeszeitung TUZ -----Thueringische Umweltzentrum TGP -----Thumbnail Gallery Post FAB -----"Thunderbirds 'OK' abbreviation, later admitted to no stand for anything " THU -----Thursday TYD -----Thymidinediphosphate TRF -----Thyrotrophin-Releasing Factor TJY -----Tianjin Yazaki TIK -----TIcKet TGT -----Ticket-Granting Ticket TGK -----Tiffany Glas Kunst TTA -----Tiger Team Assessment TCL -----Time and Cycle Log TBJ -----Time Before Justice TFB -----Time For Bed TFK -----Time For Kids TOD -----Time Of Day TOF -----time of flight TOM -----Time Of Month TOP -----Time Of Processing TOR -----Time Of Release TOT -----Time On Target TTI -----Time Temperature Indicator TTM -----Time To Market TTQ -----Time To Quit TZP -----Time Zero Pulse TZN -----Time Zone Name TDH -----"Time, Distance, and Heading" TRD -----Timed Release Disconnect TLE -----Time-Line Engineer TGM -----Timetable Generation Module TIM -----Timothy (book of New Testament) TKI -----Tiroler Kulturinitiative TIY -----Tiruray TPA -----Tissue Plasminogen Activator TNA -----Tits 'n Ass TJU -----Tjuringa TMY -----T-Max 400 TBA -----To Be Announced TBC -----To Be Confirmed TBD -----To Be Decided TBE -----To Be Expected TBF -----To Be Furnished TBG -----To Be Given TBI -----To Be Issued TBN -----To Be Notified TBP -----To Be Printed TBQ -----To Be Questioned TBR -----To Be Reviewed TBV -----To Be Verified TMC -----ToastMasters Club TLI -----Toastmasters Leadership Institute TMB -----Tobacco Mosaic Virus TRY -----Today Reunites Yesterday TNE -----Togo Nature Environnement TUY -----Toin University of Yokohama TKL -----Tokelau Islands TRN -----Token Ring Network TRR -----Token Ring Repeater THK -----Tokina-Hoya-Kenko TAJ -----Tokyo Art Jungle TLR -----ToLeratoR TSF -----Tone Set File TIC -----Tongue In Cheek TPH -----Tons Per Hour TTK -----Tontaubenklub TMV -----Too Many Variables TMI -----Too Much Information TWK -----Too Well Known THO -----Top Hits Online TLB -----Top Level Budget TQN -----Top Quality Net TVB -----Top Versus Bottom TVQ -----Top Visual Quality TLD -----Top-Level Design TGD -----Topological Geometrodynamics TQV -----Topological Quasi-Variety TOQ -----Toposa QXW -----Topsfield (Massachusetts) Public Library TLL -----Torah Life & Living TDA -----Tornado Detection Algorithm TDO -----Toronto Dominion Bank TSE -----Toronto Stock Exchange TSX -----Toronto Stock Exchange TTC -----Toronto Transit Commission TRQ -----Torque THW -----Torsion Head Wattmeter TAN -----Total Area Network TAV -----Total Asset Visibility TBO -----Total BlackOut TBH -----total body hug TBW -----Total Body Water TCT -----Total Christian Television TDZ -----Total Danger Zone TDR -----Total Defect Rate TDT -----Total Down Time TEY -----Total Electron Yield TEF -----Total Environment Facility TEZ -----Total Exclusion Zone TGO -----Total Gross Output THD -----Total Harmonic Distortion THV -----Total Heart Volume TIV -----Total Immersion Videogame TIR -----Total Internal Reflection TKN -----Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen TKR -----Total Knee Replacement TKM -----Total Knowledge Management TLP -----Total Language Processor TLQ -----Total Living Quotient TLN -----Total Logistics Network TPY -----Total Photon Yield TQC -----Total Quality Control TQD -----Total Quality Design TQE -----Total Quality Education TQI -----Total Quality Improvement TQJ -----Total Quality Japanese TQL -----Total Quality Leadership TQM -----Total Quality Management TQO -----Total Quality Objectives TQP -----Total Quality Plan TQS -----Total Quality System TQT -----Total Quality Training TQZ -----Total Quiet Zone TRL -----Total Request Live TRE -----Total Resource Effectiveness TRT -----Total Running Time TSQ -----Total Software Quality TTV -----Total TeleVision TVN -----Total Volatile Nitrogen TWL -----Total Weight Loss TYQ -----Total Yarn Quantity TYS -----Total Years Service TZE -----Total Zone Exclusion TQB -----Totales Qualitaetsbewusstsein TAB -----Totalizer Agency Board (Australia & New Zealand) TGL -----Touch and Go Landing TVW -----Towed Vehicle Weight TGR -----Toxic Gas Release TSY -----Toxic Storage Yard TOX -----Toxicology TKK -----Toyo Kogyo Kaisha JZA -----Toyota Supra (model designation) TFQ -----Track and Field Quarterly TDB -----Track Descriptor Block TOJ -----Track On Jam TWS -----Track While Scan (radar search pattern) TJM -----Trade Justice Movement TWZ -----Trade Wind Zone TUC -----Trades Union Congress TCG -----Trading Card Game TAZ -----Traffic Analysis Zone TDQ -----Traffic Data Quality TEK -----Traffic Encryption Key TFV -----Traffic Flow Visualization TML -----Traffic Management Laboratory TFZ -----Traffic Zone TGQ -----Trafic Garanti et Qualifie TPK -----Trailer Park Kid TSU -----Trailer Support Unit TGV -----"Train a Grande Vitesse (French, high speed passenger train)" TAK -----Trainer Appraisal Kit TAI -----Training Aids Index TEC -----Training and Enterprise Council QXV -----Training and Instruction Coach (railroad) TAX -----Training Assessment Exercise TDW -----Training Development Workload TEO -----Training Evaluation Outline TMX -----Training Matrix TMM -----Training Mix Model TND -----Training Need Date TNP -----Training Net Process TRJ -----Training Plan TQR -----Training Quality Report TSR -----Training Support Requirement TSD -----Training System Development TTE -----Training Time Extended TTR -----Training Time Resumed TTS -----Training Tracking System TJC -----TraJectory Chart TJD -----TraJectory Diagram TMZ -----Tram-Museum Zuerich TNZ -----Tranfer on Non-Zero TEH -----Trans Europe Halles TEN -----Trans Europe Night TWA -----Trans World Airlines TNS -----Transaction Network Service TRI -----Transaction Routing Index TEE -----Trans-Europe Express TEX -----Trans-Europe eXpress TDJ -----Transfer Delay Jitter TFH -----Transfer Function Hazard THT -----Transfer Heat Tank TCX -----Transfer of Control Cancellation TXH -----Transfer on High TQU -----Transferzentrum Umwelt THL -----TransHybrid Loss TAQ -----Transient Airman Quarters TMR -----Transient Memory Record TPL -----Transient Protection Limit TUF -----Transient Usage Factor TWF -----Transient Wave Field TUT -----Transistor Under Test TKQ -----Transition Knowledge Questionnaire TGS -----Translator Generator System TXC -----Transmission Control TMS -----Transmission Measuring Set TOU -----Transmission Operating Unit TPC -----Transmission Power Control TSK -----Transmission Security Key TXE -----Transmission(X) Experiment TXP -----Transmission(X) Problem TXD -----Transmit Data THR -----Transmit Holding Register TNR -----Transmit Not Ready TUL -----Transnationale Universiteit Limburg YTQ -----Transpacific Resources Incorporated TCH -----Transparent Circuit Handling TCN -----Transparent Content Negotiation TXQ -----Transparent(tx) Question TPX -----Transponder TLS -----Transport Layer Security TOH -----Transport OverHead TPS -----Transport Protocol Specific TWU -----Transport Workers Union TGE -----Transportable Ground Equipment THE -----Transportable Helicopter Enclosure TAG -----Transportation Alternatives Group TCO -----Transportation Control Officer TZH -----Transportnet Zuid-Holland TRS -----"Transpose (letters, words etc)" TEJ -----Transverse Expansion Joint TVL -----Travel TIH -----Travel Information Highway TJI -----Travel Journal International TWT -----Travelling Wave Tube TXL -----Tree Transformation Language TCQ -----Trellis-Coded Quantization THF -----Tremendously High Frequency (300 GHZ THS -----Trenton High School TMH -----Trenton Memorial Hospital TNU -----Trevecca Nazarene University TYO -----Triangle Youth Orchestra TYT -----Triboro Youth Theatre TBT -----Tributyl Tin TCA -----trichloroacetic acid OQK -----Trichloroethylene TJT -----Tri-Junction Transistor TNT -----"TriNitroToluene [1-Methyl-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene], explosive" TNY -----Trinitroxylene TCD -----"Trinity College, Dublin" BBB -----triple black pencil TPF -----Triple Point Failure TGH -----Tripler General Hospital TQQ -----"Triplets, Quads and Quints" TSA -----Tri-State Ambulance TRX -----Trithorax YYY -----Tri-Y TYB -----Trkiye Yazarlar Birligi (Writers Union of Turkey) TNQ -----Tropical North Queensland TIT -----Trotter's Independent Trading (from BBC TV's Only Fools and Horses) TCB -----Trouble Came Back TLM -----Trouble Locating Manual TRK -----Truck TOY -----Truck of the Year TAT -----True Air Temperature TIP -----True Image Projector TMN -----True Mach Number TPQ -----True Phone Quality TZD -----True Zenith Distance TJR -----Trunk and Junction Routing TFS -----Trunk Forecasting System TGN -----Trunk Group Number TMD -----Trunk Main Distributing TSM -----Trunk Signaling Message TUR -----Trunk Utilization Report TIJ -----Trust In Jesus TNO -----Trust No-One TIU -----Trusted Interface Unit TNB -----Trusted Network Base TNI -----Trusted Network Interpretation TST -----Trustee TSB -----Trustee Savings Bank TNM -----Trustworthy Network Management TYI -----Tryosine TGY -----Tryptone Glucose Yeast TOB -----Tube Over Bar (vehicle suspension) TOW -----"Tube-launced, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided (missile)" TZJ -----Tubular Zippered Joint THY -----Tuerk Hava Yollari TKP -----Tuerkiye Komuenist Partisi TUE -----Tuesday TMQ -----Tuesday Morning Quarterback TVX -----Tulip Virus-X TAY -----Tulylake Aster Yellows TNF -----Tumor Necrosis Factor TZB -----Tumor Zentrum Berlin TDL -----Tunable Diode Laser TIG -----Tungsten Inert Gas TUM -----Tuning Unit Member TUN -----Tunisia TEA -----Tunnel-Emission Amplifier TEM -----Tunneling Electron Microscope TUD -----Tuolumne Utilities District TJE -----Turbo Jet Engine TGX -----Turbografx TZX -----TurboZIP Express TVH -----Turkey Virus Hepatitis TJH -----Turkish Journal of Haematology TQF -----Turkish Quake Fortress TCM -----Turner Classic Movies TYV -----Turnip Yellow Virus TKJ -----Turnklub Jahn Sarstedt TYK -----Turun Yliopiston Kemistit TUX -----TUXedo TCY -----Twentieth Century Youth TEU -----Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit TPE -----Twisted Pair Ethernet TPP -----Two pint package TYZ -----Two Yellow Zebras TZA -----Twycross Zoo Association TMT -----Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory TYL -----Tylenol TYX -----Tylox Resources Corporation IVB -----Type 9B (U-boat type) TOE -----Type Of Entry TON -----Type Of Number TOL -----Type Organization List TSS -----TypeScriptS TYJ -----Tyrolean Jetservice TXK -----Tyrosine Kinase TYU -----Tyumen UXG -----"U&X Group, Inc. " UKE -----Ueberblick Zentrale Einrichtungen UPC -----Uganda People's Congress UGX -----Uganda Shilling UYD -----Uganda Young Democrats UZD -----Ukoncujicim Zarizenim Datoveho Okruhu UKR -----Ukraine UCU -----Ukrainian Catholic University UYA -----Ukrainian Youth Association (of Canada) UYL -----Ukrainian Youth League UGH -----Ukulele Group of Hawaii UKQ -----Ukwa (language) UMZ -----Ulianovsky Avtomobilny Zavod UIK -----Ulrika Idrotts Klubb UDA -----Ulster Defence Association UDR -----Ulster Defence Regiment UFF -----Ulster Freedom Fighters USC -----Ulster Special Constabulary UUP -----Ulster Unionist Party UVF -----Ulster Volunteer Force UGP -----Ultimage Guitar Page UBL -----Ultimate Band Listing UBG -----Ultimate Bar Graph UCZ -----Ultimate Combat Zone UMG -----Ultimate Memory Guide UPX -----Ultimate Packer for Executables UPV -----Ultimate Police Vehicle UQY -----Ultimate Quality and Yield UWX -----Ultimate Wrestling Experience UBW -----Ultra Big Willy UHT -----Ultra Heat Treated UHA -----Ultra High Altitude UHF -----Ultra High Frequency UHP -----Ultra High Purity UHR -----Ultra High Resolution ULF -----Ultra Low Frequency UPW -----Ultra Puny Willy USX -----Ultra Soft X-ray UXN -----Ultradesign Extreme Network UFP -----Ultrafine Particle UHB -----Ultra-High Bandwidth UHE -----Ultra-High Energy UHI -----Ultra-High Intensity UHQ -----Ultra-High Quality UHV -----Ultra-High Vacuum UFH -----Ultra-light Field Howitzer ULL -----Ultra-Long-Life ULK -----Ultra-Low K (di-electric constant) ULT -----Ultra-Low Temperature ULX -----Ultra-Luminous Xray UME -----Ultra-Micro Electrode UBN -----Ultranet Banner Network.