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What does UPC stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
UPCUniversity of Plymouth Colleges
UPCUrban Planning Consultants
UPCUltra Personal Computer
UPCUniform Product Code
UPCUnit Price Contracts
UPCUniversity Partnership Center
UPCUniversal Power Cord
UPCUniversity Program Council
UPCUniverzitne Pastoracne Centrum
UPCUniversidad Polit Cnica
UPCUrban Poor Consortium
UPCUnified Parallel C
UPCUniversal Primary Care
UPCUranium Participation Corporation
UPCUndergraduate Program Committee
UPCUSB to PS2 Converter
UPCUniversity Preparation College
UPCUniversal Payment Connector
UPCunion property capital
UPCUniversitat Polit Cnica
UPCUniversity Promotion Committee
UPCUpgrade for Compaq
UPCunion pacific corp
UPCUniversal Price Code
UPCUrban Planning Council
UPCUnion Pacific Corporation
UPCUniversity Park Campus
UPCUndergraduate Programs Committee
UPCUniversal Power Charger
UPCUnion Program Council
UPCUniversity Planning Committee
UPCUnidata Program Center
UPCUnion Planters Corporation
UPCUniversal Pest Control
UPCUsed on Produce
UPCUsing Product Codes
UPCUnit Program Coordinator
UPCUnionville Presbyterian Church
UPCUser Programmable Controls
UPCunderground press conference
UPCUniversitat Politecnica Catalunya
UPCUva Provincial Council
UPCUrban Park Concessionaires
UPCUniform Product Codes
UPCUtility Protection Center
UPCUnited Products Corporation
UPCUser Parameter Control
UPCUniversity Press of Colorado
UPCUkrainian Processing Centre
UPCUkrainian Processing Center
UPCUtah Parent Center
UPCUganda Peoples Congress
UPCUniversity Pathology Consortium
UPCUnited Penticostal Church
UPCUniversal Power Cell
UPCUniversity Policy Council
UPCUtility Power Control
UPCUnique Product Code
UPCUrethane Products Corporation
UPCUnder Postal Certificate
UPCUniversity Programs Council
UPCUltimate Poker Challenge
UPCUltrafast Photonics Collaboration
UPCUniform Placement Criteria
UPCUrine Protein Creatinine
UPCUtica Park Clinic
UPCUndergraduate Planning Committee
UPCUnit Parts Company
UPCUnited Pet Care
UPCUnion Presbyterian Church
UPCunknown primary carcinoma
UPCunknown primary carcinomas
UPCunknown-primary carcinoma
UPCunresectable pancreatic cancer
UPCupper passage catarrh
UPCurban poor class
UPCurinary protein concentration
UPCusual primary care
UPCusual provider continuity
UPCUnion of Patriotic Congolese
UPCUltra Peripheral Collisions
UPCUniform Property Code
UPCUnited Power Company
UPCUniversities Pool Council
UPCUrine protein-to-creatinine
UPCusual outpatient primary care
UPCusual provider of care
UPCUniversal Price Codes
UPCUranium Power Corporation
UPCUltrafine Particle Counter
UPCUndergraduate Programs Council
UPCUniversal Products Code
UPCUnion Programming Council
UPCUnited Parent Council
UPCUnited Programm Consulting
UPCUniversal Postal Convention
UPCUniversity Program Coordinators
UPCUI Process Components
UPCUniversity Policy Committees
UPCUnion in Politics
UPCUnutilized Plant Capacity
UPCUnione Professionisti Cinetelevisivi
UPCUrban Policy Course
UPCUnion Parishad Complexes
UPCUrban Planning Coalition
UPCUnited Press Canada
UPCUrban Poor Concortium
UPCUltimate Paint Component
UPCUrban Praise CD
UPCUniversal Port Cards
UPCUnion in Politics Committees
UPCUniversal Personal Communication
UPCUniversal Point of Contact
UPCUniversidad Pontifica Comillas
UPCUSU Program Council
UPCUnique Plastics Corporation
UPCUniversal Printer Controller
UPCUniversity Productions and Concerts
UPCUnivesal Product Code
UPCUsage Parameter Control (ATM)
UPCUnion Parishad Complex
UPCUnited Pool Council
UPCUniversity Personnel Committee
UPCUSAR Pay Center
UPCUniversal Peace Conference
UPCUltra Polished Connectors
UPCUnbundled Partial Circuits
UPCUnited Partners Campaign
UPCUniversal Pedigree Converter
UPCUniversal Power Controller
UPCUnit Product Code
UPCUnited People of Calypso
UPCUniversity of Petroleum of China
UPCUniversity Prime Care
UPCUpsala Petanque Club
UPCUranium Participation Company
UPCUnderground Propaganda Committee
UPCUniversal Pump Controller
UPCUndergraduate Programme Committees
UPCUniversity Psychiatry Center
UPCUnknown Polar Compounds
UPCUniversal Planetary Coalition
UPCUtah Pavement Council
UPCUnani Pharmacopoeia Committee
UPCUnit Practice Committees
UPCUnited Prosper Club
UPCUniveral Product Code
UPCUniversity Preparatory Courses
UPCUrban Pesticides Committee
UPCUltra Portable Computers
UPCUnited Physiotherapy Clinic
UPCUniversal Plate Carrier
UPCUniversal Products Codes
UPCUniversidad Peruana Ciencias
UPCUrban Poor Colloquium
UPCUniversal Processing Centres
UPCUniversal Program Code
UPCUniversity of Patras Computer
UPCUniversity Preparation Courses
UPCUniform Plumbers Code
UPCUnion Petrochemical Corp
UPCUnited Phreakers Coalition
UPCUniversity Productions Concerts
UPCUrban Poor Concorcium
UPCUsability Problem Classifier
UPCUtilization Purpose Code
UPCUnied Parallel C
UPCUnified Planetary Coordinates
UPCUnited Professional Contractors
UPCUniversal PAT Calibrator
UPCUniversal Project Code
UPCUniversity Parkway Center
UPCUplink Power Controller
UPCUrban Poverty Coalition
UPCUrinalysis Program Coordinators
UPCUkranian Processing Center
UPCUnion Printing Co
UPCUltra Petroleum Corporation
UPCUniversity Press Club
UPCUnion internationale Pour la Conservation de la nature
UPCUbersetzungen Pjetër Coli
UPCUkrainian People and Culture
UPCUnavailable photocopy credits
UPCUndeliverable Phone Call
UPCUnion Pour la Conservation
UPCUnit of Production Code
UPCUniversitat Politecnica de Catalan
UPCUniversitat Politècnica de Catalogue
UPCUniversity of Palermo Computer
UPCUniversity of Pennsylvania Chemistry
UPCUniversity of Pisa Computer
UPCUniversity of Pittsburgh Chemistry
UPCUniversity of Pittsburgh Chess
UPCUniversity of Pittsburgh Cycling
UPCUniversity of Plymouth Centre
UPCUniversity Park Chapter
UPCUranium and Plutonium Consulting
UPCUser Parameter Control (ATM)