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What does UFO stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
UFOUnited Fanzine Organization
UFOunconventional flying objects
UFOUnknown Flying Object
UFOUltra Fast Optics
UFOUnited Future Organization
UFOUniform Fee Only
UFOUpholstery Fabric Outlet
UFOUnderground Freak Out
UFOUltimate Fitness Object
UFOUn Finished Objects
UFOUkiah Field Office
UFOUnited Fly Organisation
UFOUniversitair Functie Ordenen
UFOUniquely Flexible Office
UFOUniversal Format Outputter
UFOUnited Feline Organization
UFOUbiquitous Findable Objects
UFOUrban Future Organization
UFOUltra-high frequency Follow-On
UFOUidentifisert Flygende Objekt
UFOUse for Organization
UFOUidentificeret Flyvende Objekt
UFOUralmash Forever Online
UFOUsers of Free Operating
UFOUnited Functions and Objects
UFOUnidentifiable Flying Object
UFOUnited Filkers of Ontario
UFOUnidentified Foreign Objects
UFOUltimate Field Office
UFOUnited Film Organizers
UFOUrban Fest Osijek
UFOUnited Filmmakers Organization
UFOUnited Filipino Organization
UFOUndergraduate Fellowships Office
UFOUlead File for Objects
UFOUnusual Flying Objects
UFOUnusual Floral Organs
UFOUniversity Funded Organizations
UFOUniversity Fellowships Office
UFOUnlimited Frisbee Organization
UFOUHF Follow On (satellite)
UFOUniversal Form Objects
UFOUnindentified Flying Object
UFOUltralight Flyers Organization
UFOUnicorn Formatting Objects
UfoUltra female overexpression
UFOUnable to Find One
UFOUnidentified Flying Obects
UFOUnited Filmmakers Organisation
UFOUnidentified Flowering Object
UFOUnified Film Organisation
UFOUnbekend Fleanend Objekt
UFOUnderstanding Fiber Optics
UFOUniversal Freight Organization
UFOunited food outreach
UFOUnidentified Flying Outrage
UFOUltimate Fan Organization
UFOUn Funded Organization
UFOUSB Fantom Onair
UFOUidentifisert Flygande Objekt
UFOUniversal Fellowship Orono
UFOUnidentified Frozen Object
UFOUnited Faggers Otopsie
UFOUnifour Flying Objects
UFOUnderground Fencing Organization
UFOUnindentified Flying Objects
UFOUnidentifed Flying Objects
UFOUnge Frivillige Organisationer
UFOUndergraduate Film Organization
UFOUncompetitive Fast Off
UFOUltra Fajny Odcinek
UFOUnderground Futuristic Organisation
UFOUnidentified Fungal Oddity
UFOUnited Flying Organization
UFOUltimate Flow Optimizer
UFOUndergraduate Funding Office
UFOUnidentified Frying Objects
UFOUn Filtered Offering
UFOUniversidade Federal de Ouro
UFOUnexplained Flying Object
UFOUnique Funky Orchestra
UFOUniversal Fake Orchestra
UFOUtah Flyers Organization
UFOUnidentify Flying Object
UFOUnidentified Foul Odor
UFOUnidentified Found Object
UFOUnit Families Officer
UFOUnite Filmmakers Online
UFOUniversity Film Organization
UFOUpazila Fisheries Officers
UFOUndergraduate Forensics Organization
UFOUnidentified Flag Operation
UFOunidentified fraudulent objects
UFOUnited Friends Organization
UFOUpazilla Fisheries Officer
UFOUnbelievable Financial Opportunity
UFOUnited Film Organisation
UFOUnified Functions and Objects
UFOUnited for Order
UFOUnited Fotographers Organization
UFOUnwanted Flowering Objects
UFOUCAR Finance Office
UFOUrban Forced Operations
UFOUser Friendly Odorless
UFOUltimate Frisbee of Osaka
UFOUnexplained the First One
UFOUnidentified Family of Origin
UFOUtah Filk Organization
UFOUnbred Film Observers
UFOUnder Forty Organization
UFOUnidentified Flashing Object
UFOUnited Federation of Officials
UFOUnited Film Office
UFOUnited Funk Organization
UFOUniversal Fibre Optics: integration of fibre optics in buildings
UFOUniversity Finance Office
UFOUniversity Firm Order
UFOUltimate Frisbee Outreach
UFOUltimate Fuel Optimizer
UFOUncompahgre Field Office
UFOUnidentifyed Flying Object
UFOUniversa Fluganta Objekto
UFOUnknown Form Object
UFOUnlimited Financial Opportunity
UFOUrban Future Organisation
UFOUser Friendly Organization
UFOUidentified Flying Object
UFOUniversal Force Operations
UFOUHF Follow On satellite (Navy)
UFOUltra Fine Output
UFOultra high frequency (UHF) Follow-on Satellite System