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What does TAROS stand for?

TAROS stands for Transfer And Response Omni-Sphere


This definition appears very rarely

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??????????·????????????????????????????????????????????????????????TAROS?????????????????????????????????·???????????(Transfer And Response Omni-Sphere.
Chidori accept the apology and says that there's some blood on him but Sousuke says it's nothing and asked why she's here. Chidori says that Tessa asked her to go to the Lady Chapel so she ran from them. Sousuke note that it could be that restricted area and tells Chidori that there are enemies abound and for her not to stay far from him. The two moves out. As the battle continues,Sousuke and Chidori makes it to the Lady Chapel, Sousuke note that this is a TAROS, it's something that the techies put on the Arbalest that he doesn't understand but why is it here? Chidori then close her eye and says "Transfer And Response "Omni-Sphere.