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What does TDI stand for?

TDI stands for Tolerable Daily Intakes


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Dietary exposure estimates of 30 elements from the UK Total Diet; relevant Provisional Tolerable Weekly Intakes and Provisional Maximum Tolerable Daily Intakes.
We have recently reported on use of an Australian modified benchmark dose (mBMD) methodology for developing tolerable daily intakes (TDIs)...
U.S. EPA vs other regulatory agencies. Bottom line: The toxicological values for dioxin recently proposed by the ; risk-specific doses. tolerable daily intakes).
Her toxicology experience includes assisting in the development of alternative cancer toxicity criteria and tolerable daily intakes for; Integral Consulting Inc.
The consumption of the phthalate-positive unrecorded alcohols would exceed tolerable daily intakes as derived from animal experiments.
Table 2.7 Tolerable Daily Intakes of; Environmental quality guidelines for sulfolane were developed using; Water Quality Guidelines for Sulfolane Water Use
Phthalates Contamination in Food Products October 11, 2011. On May 23; Overview table of critical toxic effects and Tolerable Daily Intakes (TDI) Phthalate
A Search Service for Abbreviation / Long Form Abbreviation / Long Form : PTDI / provisional tolerable daily intake
Health-based tolerable daily intakes/concentrations and tumorigenic doses/concentrations for priority substances
Summary report of the seventy-sixth meeting of JECFA JECFA/76/SC 4 Food additive Specificationsa Acceptable or tolerable daily intakes and other toxicological
Comparing estimates of intake (exposure) with previous estimates of tolerable daily intakes, suggests that, for many of the countries where exp...
Environmental Risks (SCHER) concluded that total exposures to individual phthalates in the general population are below tolerable daily intakes (TDI)...
The FDA has set recommendations for what it considers safe and tolerable daily intakes and has determined what is termed the provisional total tolerable intake level...
(RfD) and upper tolerable daily intakes (UL) for investigated metals. Competing interests. The authors declare that they have no competing interests...
in areas where there is substantial inorganic mercury pollution, with calculated exposure exceeding current tolerable daily intakes [EHP 118(9)...
We also examined safety margins and the proportion of children exceeding the tolerable daily intakes set by international expert bodies.
tolerable daily intakes (TDIs) set for adults by international expert bodies to examine the proportion of the study population that exceed those limits.
n FDA established Provisional Tolerable Daily Intakes for lead in various population groups. n PTDI is used for policy development and to support enforcement actions
Presents key data and expert opinions on the toxicology and intake of inorganic cyanide. It aims to derive tolerable daily intakes (TDIs), which in turn are needed to...
Document details Title; The values were 0.1, 4.1, 291 and 28 ng/kg bw/day respectively, all are well below the corresponding tolerable daily intakes.
The school supplies items considered most relevant were erasers due to; phthalates in the general population are below tolerable daily intakes...
Title: Health-Based Tolerable Daily Intakes Author: Nuntika Last modified by: KKD 2011 V.2 Created Date: 3/4/2014 4:27:21 PM Document presentation format
This study reports estimates on dietary exposure from the first French Total Diet Study (FTDS) and compares these estimates with both existing tolerable daily intakes...
with both contributing less than 0.4% of provisional tolerable daily intakes set by the Food and Agricultural Organization/World Health Organization Joint...
They were compared to acceptable levels of exposure (tolerable daily intakes); The aims of this study were (1) to estimate, in a Belgian general population...
WHO Expert meeting to review toxicological aspects of melamine and; USA and the EU have established provisional tolerable daily intakes (TDI) for melamine.
Tolerable Daily Intake. Similar term(s): TDI. Definition: A TDI is an estimate of the amount of a substance in air, food or drinking water that can be taken in...
TDI,Tolerable Daily Intake,tolerable daily intakes,tolerate daily intakes,Tolerated Daily Intake
Canadian Environmental Protection Act Priority Substances List Supporting Documentation: Health-Based Tolerable Daily Intakes/Concentrations and
In December 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) established a tolerable daily intake (TDI) of 10 pg/kg b.w. (body weight) for TCDD, based on liver toxicit
Get this from a library! Health-based tolerable daily intakes, concentrations and tumorigenic doses, concentrations for priority substances.. [M E Meek; G Long; Canada.
7. What are the risks posed by PCB exposure? 7.1 What health effects occur at what levels of exposure? 7.2 What tolerable daily intakes have been established for PCBs?
Phthalates banned across the EU in all toys and childcare articles, and in; Overview table of critical toxic effects and Tolerable Daily Intakes (TDI)
Health-Based Tolerable Daily Intakes/ Concentrations and Tumorigenic Doses/ Concentrations for Priority Substances Environmental Health Directorate
PubMed Journal articles for tolerable daily intake were found in Unbound MEDLINE. Download PubMed App to iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet.
The cadmium (Cd) and; with both contributing less than 0.4% of provisional tolerable daily intakes set by the Food and Agricultural Organization/World Health...