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What does TAK stand for?

TAK stands for Tat-associated kinase


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Rice and his colleagues (Herrmann et al. , 1996; Herrmann & Rice, 1993; Herrmann & Rice, 1995) were the first to demonstrate that a protein kinase complex, which they called TAK (Tat-associated kinase) binds tightly and specifically to Tat. Cloning of the kinase subunit of TAK, the CDK9 kinase, by Zhu et al. (1997) revealed a homology between TAK and pTEFb, a positive acting elongation factor from Drosophila (Marshall et al.
Jeang KT (1998). "Tat, Tat-associated kinase, and transcription. ". J. Biomed. Sci. 5 (1): 24–7.
Moreover, the nuclear Tat-TAK/p-TEFb complexes did not associate with loop mutant TAR RNA, indicating that the interaction of Tat with TAK/p-TEFb might alter its RNA-binding specificity [5]. While Tat/p-TEFB complexes bind to TAR, cdk9 modifies RNA polymerase II for the efficient copying of the viral genome [11]. The interaction between Tat and cyclin T1 requires zinc and a critical cysteine residue at position 261, and the lack of this residue (C261) greatly reduces the binding of Tat/p-TEFb complexes to TAR-RNA [5]. Acetylation of Tat at residues Lys28 and Lys50 is crucial for Tat function [12]. Mechanistically, acetylation at Lys28 by P/CAF enhanced Tat binding to the Tat-associated kinase.
Jeang KT (1998). "Tat, Tat-associated kinase, and transcription". J. Biomed. Sci. 5 (1): 24–7. doi:10.